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Del R. Mulroy
Minneapolis, Minnesota USA
Internet: Neykomi@winternet.com

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Last Update: February 11,1996

The art of channeling has been around as long as man. It is a very interesting field, with those that are knowledged in its past, and/or present use call it a wonderful ability, while others, armed with little education about this talent, call it demonic, dark, and even possessed activity. This is hardly the case, as we shall see here.


Most are aware of one or maybe even a couple ways of channeling, but there are so many variations of channeling that they are almost uncountable. Channeling is also mislabeled many times as being the ability to channel the voices of spirits period. Channeling is that to a degree, but so many more vast different areas also exist. There are also as many tools to help a person channel. Some of the most common tools, are those of Ouija Boards, Tarot Cards, I-Ching, Divining Rods, to even the Crystal Ball. In Japan, a controversial channeler is making a name for himself, for being a “ghost hunter” using Eastern Religion, and Western technology, by using a crystal ball, he takes a picture of the crystal ball, then in the photo, he claims he can see the spirits, and knows how to deal with the spirit from there. Despite his very questionable methods to those in Japan, and even in the rest of the world, he is the most sought after house cleaner when it comes to ghosts and paranormal activity.

Other tools for channeling include, horoscopes, palm reading, numerology, Kirlian photography, biorhytms, automatic writing, pendulums, psychic drawings, and past life readings.

Other religions also have “channeling tools”. The Catholics have “Rosery Beads”, Christian’s have the “cross”, believing it channels the power of God and Jesus and protects them from all harm and evil when worn. The Eastern Religion of Fung Shuei also uses many tools, including steel pipes as a channeling tool, channeling even the energy in the earth to make life run smoother. Wicca’s have the “Ceremonial Dagger’ that represents the focus of energy they hold.
Pentagrams and other jewelry can even be a tool of channeling for it displays a “hint’ of what the person believes in.

For the sake of covering the TOOLS of a channeler, I have chosen to discuss the Ouija Board here. Some say they are fakes, as a PARKER BROTHERS game. GOODYEAR RADIAL TIRE COMPANY builds an incredible tire, but they didn’t invent it. PARKER BROTHERS merely bought the rights to massproduce it, as a gentleman name Mr. Fuld could not keep up with the incredible demands for people seeking to buy his boards he was making. At one time, this gentleman was cranking out over 400 Ouijas hand made a week for sale!


The Ouija Board, pronounced “Wee-Ja”, the words in French and German for the English word “YES”, is by far the most popular channeling tool ever marketed. It has been around since before recorded time, and still to this day is the most sought after tool of the medium in the world.

Despite the Ouija Board being commercialized, it is interesting to note that the board “game” as it is called by the manufacture PARKER BROTHERS, INC., is built in Salem, MA! Remember the Salem Witchcraft Trials? Same town. Coincidence? That is for you to decide. “:)

The Ouija will work, even if it is a hand built one using a piece of posterboard, with the letters, numbers, and the traditional “YES”, “NO”, and “GOODBYE” written on it in ink. It is a tool that is so popular, and yet so many do not know that they can make mistakes and that those mistakes could cause some minor very irritating problems in there life as a result.

Though fault lies partly through the manufacturer for not including a full detailed set of instructions on how to operate and close the board is given with the packaging, that is no excuse for people to “just use it” without first consulting several good books on the subject for the proper information. In part, when a person buys a firearm in this nation, little in the line of warnings, and explanations of the damage the weapon can cause is usually in the case the weapon comes in, but the person generally attends a gun safety class after purchasing the firearm for instructions, and correct teaching of how to handle this weapon, and so such a quest to learn about the Ouija should be sought before putting hands on into use. Finding good information on a Ouija is also not easy, everyone has an opinion on it. Some claim that “white magical powers” are needed to shield one from the evil, or that “rituals of healing” must be performed in order to protect the users. I’ve even heard of people sprinkling holy water on top of the board before using to cleans it from evil. All this does is ruin the surface of the Ouija. Everyone is entitled to a belief, and everyone may do as they wish when using a Ouija, no one is going to be able to be there to stop them, but, I have witnessed the Ouija used without any of the above practices in a safe, and very productive manner. It seems that there is a paranoia that evil spirits account for about 1 out of 3 near any one person at any one time. In my 20 years of working in the channeling area, I have been attacked by a spirit on about 4 occasions, and 2 of the 4 I had coming, I screwed up. I learned though, and did not make those mistakes again. There is a mass hysteria that “possession” is a real danger to be headed to at all times, that is will happen if your not careful. This I find to be at the least, a “scare tactic” implemented by some who think the Ouija is a “devil’s tool”, and by others that think running the Ouija takes a real “master spiritualist’ who has ions of time, and book reading skills. Anyone can run a Ouija, and the chances of anyone being “possessed” are hundreds of times less then you being hit by lightning. The Catholic Church of America reported that in 1993, only 5 Church Authorized Exorcisms were performed in the United States. None, from the use of a Ouija I might add.

I have also heard that some people draw thelr own blood and allow it to drip onto the Board, as they believe it allows them to “become one with the board”. This is highly NOT recommended, based on the real dangers of disease, and or other problems that arise from simply being in contact with blood these days. This is not needed in order to run a Ouija, and should be discouraged from.

The Ouija is a tool, and as with any tool, it should be maintained. The manufacture of the commercial version advises that the board be wiped clean with a soft cloth to remove any dust. Some believe this also wipes away any spiritual residue from the last time it was used. Do not use cleaners like “Pledge”, or “Windex” to clean the Ouija, simply use a dry soft cloth. Anything wet, will ruin the surface of the Ouija, and when not in use, it should be stored in a protective box.


There should be TWO or more people on the Ouija when being used. The addage is “three is a crowed, and four is a bore” hold true when using the Ouija. Three people max is recommended, four is almost to hard to do, and one is not recommended. The Ouija, like video games, can become addictive. One person using the Ouija in small chances, can become a real addict, and fall into a state called “Progressive Entrapment’. This means that the person has used the Ouija so much, that they no longer need the Ouija Board, and have developed their abilities to channel the spirit(s) constantly. This unto itself is not dangerous statistically, but, the chance of the person channeling (Medium) not belng prepared for being a Full Time Medium, can be overcome with high stress, panic, fear, and even develop other
problems, from Sleep Disorders, to Eating Disorders. Being a Full Time Medium takes a lot of dedication, hard work, and skill, it is something that is developed over many years and decades, going from a “Ouija User’ to a Full Time Medium in a hours time, can be like being thrown into a ocean hundreds of miles from the coast, and told to swim home.

The Ouija Board is a TOOL. Like a wrench, and it can be used as “leverage” when belng used. No matter how many people using the Ouija, there will be only ONE who is a better contact then the others, and will become the “Medium” of the board, this Medium then accepts all responsibility in its use, and the people connected to the Ouija, as well as even the bystanders in the room! When the Medium wishes to end the session, the Medium has the power to do so, and can break all contact. This is the nice thing about a Ouija, the Medium can stop everything. Full time Mediums who do not need the Ouija, are always open and suspect to the spiritual worlds activities.

The Ouija, when used with two people, should be used with a male and a female, preferably ones that have not been smoking, doing any drugs, or drinking, their systems should be free and pure, this will help immensely in the channeling. The board should be placed on the tops of their knees for the best possible contact with the spiritual world.

Both should lightly place thelr fingers upon the channeling device, the “planchette”. The person that becomes the lead channeler, or the Medium of the board, should remember, that at all times, they should be very conscious of their actual surroundings, and should pay very strict attention to the details of the happenings. The Medium in control of the board, will also be the one that asks the questions. The Medium is in control.

About spirits, they are lousy spellers. They are also impatient a lot of times, as to channel takes a great amount of thelr energy. They are energy, so when they tire out and the energy becomes low, they have a very difficult time trying to communicate. For us, trying to communicate with them, is as hard as it is for them to communicate with us. If a spelled word does not make sense, have the Medium in control ask the spirit if they misspelled the word. I once witnessed a spirit telling a Medium in control of a Ouija in a small town in South Dakota spell out the word M-O-O-V. It made no sense to the people using the Ouija. I caught on, and told them to get away from the table. The planchette was placed on the word “GOODBYE”, contact was broke as they all got back from table. Seconds later, a light bulb in the hanging ceiling fan exploded showering the table with glass! Be patient with the spirits, and improvise when they misspell.

Some spirits like to lie. I find that this ratio is small compared to the ones that tell the truth, but it is something to keep in mind. I recall an incident were a spirit told the users of the board, that he was 6 years old. Stated he was born in 1954. Later in the session, he stated that he watched with his mom on the TV Nell Armstrong walking on the Moon. I did the math, and asked if he was still alive then. He said yes, that he died a year later. That would have made him 16 years old! When asked how old he was when he died, the spirit gave the answer of 6 again. The planchette was placed over the word “GOODBYE”, and contact broken. The keyword here is just be cautious, and be alert.

I also think it would be a good idea here to go into the myths that a lot of people commonly hear about spirits, and sometimes believe without knowing the wiser of their falsity.

Most people like to try to contact spirits to see if they can tell the people on the board what is in thelr future. Although spirits, like us, can go into the past, present, and even the slight ahead future of time, that doing so is not usually in a spirits best interest. They are not “prophets”, or “Fortune Tellers”. They are simply spiritual people. People that wish to communicate.

Always remember that a spirit is energy, and a lot of times, in almost all cases, the spirits that contact is made with are not some powerhouse spirit. Their energy is very ill in strength. Therefore, as we have already discussed earlier, possession is not even imaginable from the use of a Ouija.

Very rarely, one might encounter a spirit that is somewhat hostile and bitter, and rude. Contact should be broken, and the board put away until another day. Sort of insurance that the spirit has had plenty of time to move on.

Also remember that a spirit communicating through the Ouija to you is doing so on thelr own free will, and they can leave at any time they wish. They can communicate on many levels, in many different forms and languages, the fact they chose to speak to the medium on the Ouija is something to be noted, and care should be taken not to agitate the spirit at all. Just because the spirit is communicating through the Ouija, don’t mean that this is the only way they can communicate. When I walk into a room, were a Ouija us being used, most of the time, the boards stop, and the spirits approach me. Their mentality, “why should we burn out on a Ouija Board talking, when we can talk to you, and you can hear us?”

Bear in mind as well that spirits when asked of a heaven and or hell’s existence, will talk about the place they are at as being very peaceful in most cases, almost like here on earth. This is not a heaven or a hell, it is home. I have received many similar accounts from conversations with some of my 14 friends that have died in the last 15 months. No one can explain the incredible high death rate in my small home town in South Dakota. I’m glad I am a Full Time Medium, at least I can talk to them once in a while, and they are not truly gone for ever.


In my past use as a teen, and from what I have seen in others who have used the Ouija, practice, and a little focusing, and eventually, one will develop the ability to channel without a Ouija Board. This transition should be taken slowly, and with caution. It is not a jockey time, and it is something that when used properly, can be a fantastic talent with many rewards. The main spectrum here, is that Ouija Boards are marketed as a game and are found for sale in most kids stores, including “TOYS R’ US” and other department stores. Kids, those being under 20 years of age, the younger the better, make a much stronger Medium and are much more skeptical to the spiritual realms then adults. Case in point, some kids and their imaginary playmates, are not so imaginarial after all. The Ouija should be taken seriously, and despite its manufactures implications, it is not a game, and some of the absolute best Mediums on the Ouija will be from the youngest ones in contact on the board.

One should learn how to properly CLOSE THE BOARD! Failure to do so results in an open doorway. Once again, the dangers are very small, but how many spirits do you want in your house at one time the question to pose. This is the most common mistake on the use of the Ouija, the proper closing of the board. Most of the time, it is never done. To close the Ouija, the Medium in charge of the board need to merely tell the sprit that the time has ended for this session, and slide the planchette to the word “GOODBYE”, and then everyone remove thelr hands from the planchette. Contact is broken. It is that simple.

The best advise I can give to people wishing to use the Ouija, is remain very calm, keep a very open mind to the situation, and set aside your fears. There is nothing to be afraid of, your simply trying to communicate through a tool to a person that has passed on and would like to communicate with you.

The Ouija is a tool, and the more you work with the tool, the better the feel you will get for it. Through time, the owner of the Board will become very second nature to how the Ouija works, and will start the transition into a Full Time Medium and will no longer need the board. At that time, the board should be handed down to another person that wishes to learn, and the person releasing the boards ownership, should show the new owner how to conduct and run the board, and should also be with that person the first several times they use it to help them clear up their mistakes early on.

Most of all, use the Ouija like a book, to learn. There is a movie that one should also watch that covers the subject of the Ouija. It is VERY low budget, but an amazing film nonetheless. The movie was from the mid 1980s, and was called “WITCHBOARD”. I highly recommend this movie. You will see most of the info in this document is included in the movie, but remember this is HOLLYWOOD, and it is not long, and the movie gets a little extreme for the sake of remaining a good movie. This movie also will strike you as sort of a training manual! Check it out.

Del R. Mulroy
Minneapolis, Minnesota USA
Internet: Neykomi@winternet.com



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