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A spiritistic trance seance

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Have you been to a seance?

I did once. It was a closed circle, so nobody else could come in. They got to be sure who they were and if they perhaps could carry spirits. First the medium was relaxing and a sitter was praiing for protection. Then suddenly the medium felt down with her head on the table. First Angel Michael (???) came trough. Critical is I always am, but willing to believe, I heard a lot of things that can’t be verified. It was clear that a lot of what she was saying couldn’t even be true. So far this gives me a negative reaction.

But then she felt down again. Then another came trough and now you could ask questions. But this time this was amazing. Even before the questions were spoken out fully, she answered with a unbelievable precision, inclusive names en details. She couldn’t know what someone was going to ask, certainly not what I wanted to ask. It was at the time I was preparing our association for the paranormal. She couldn’t know that. Also another sitter was preparing a association for meditation.

Suddenly she spoke to me about that association and that it would went to a great association with many members, it would get fine and get bigger and bigger. It would create a certain reputation. Now of course that was giving me hope.

From the other she said that her association would be difficult. (Later it went down and got to stop because the interest was falling down and the prices rized out of control to hold the financial costs).

For a local association with meetings and speeches about different themes, our organization is attracting indeed much people, mostly the ones who knows already a lot of these things, no beginners. Soon a very reputated organization like ours joined us and I took it over. Also these members came with us. This organization was 24 jears old, and many members were so long in it. It went difficult to find people from who they could learn anything new. You can’t permit to ask a guest who knows a little about something, they would talk him to the ground. But I can say that we are doing very well. So at this point she surely got it right. (In Belgium it is not so easy to begin with such a organization, most people only think rational and are close-minded).

I heard others asking questions, and before the whole question was asked the answer already came. Questions like “I got a brother, can you tell me how he will evoluate…” were immediately asked with answers like “Alfred’s liver is in a very bad state, he will be with us, soon. You can do nothing against it, it is a question of weeks. He could leave the alcohol….” and so on and on, question after question. On the reactions of the sitters you could see she hit the true.

The medium was in a tranchestate looking like hypnosis. I know somewhat about hypnosis because I have practiced it for experiments. The speach was heavy, and the answers came very quick without thinking. She sat up during the seance with closed eyes and was never looking at people who are beside her, or places she couldn’t see. The answers were amazing correct. This made the first part acceptable as a intro.

At all, it was not so very spectacular, not scary, not in the dark, nothing strange happened. She certainly was someone else when she spoke. I must say that in this session the question of PSI against Live after dead was not answered. But it feels close to the last theory. I have seen and experienced much more spectacular thing with the Ouija. I experimented with it for about 10 years. I have seen a few cases where no other explanation can be given than that we were really talking to a dead friend and about things we couldn’t know. Sometimes psychokinetic aftereffects appeared. I once got a visit after a session, something came in my bedroom (footsteps), walked around my bed, and pulled the sheets of to the outer site. This was scary. This was no dream, I couldn’t get to sleep, and of course also no more after it.

Twice a sitter who did the Ouija with us, died in that time.

They later came trough. They know that we would always ask proofs for there identity, because many lies from spirits trying to keep the contact are common. So the can say they are your father, but can’t answer specific questions about him. In case it is you father he will do anything to prove that, even things you could know.

I can say these two proved themselves (one died from suicide, one from deadly burnings in a car accident)

With thanks to my friend for his proof of life after dead and for giving peace about his dead to his family.


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