Guido to record Electronic Voice Phenomen – EVP

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Electronic Voice Phenomena

How to make a good recording of voices

First you must have patience. Search a place where there could be a unseen presence. If there is someone in your house, you can record him/her. This could be if someone died shorttime ago. This depends, most go immediately to the light, others first walk a wile, not knowing what happened, even not knowing there dead. Of course houses with earthbound spirits are best for example by suicide. Fist of all, you got to know what EVP’s are. You can find EVP’s on my site.

First method with the tape recorder.

Always use a new tape/cassette. Use your computer’s microphone if this works, a cheap one is OK. Talk to the spirits, ask them if they can hear you, or if somebody is there. Then try to talk about something they may interested in. Why not ask simply what they are doing here? Try to answer questions that if answered, have to do with the question. If you get a voice then answering your question, you are sure it is not someone passing by. Whisper your questions, asking the spirits to shout in the mike. This is because the voices amostly much softer than yours, and because if you talk loud, the recorder automatically reduce his recording level. You need absolute the highest record level you can get. You also could place the recorder farther away. But it is also better if your voice is recorded with the others. Than you also hear the questions.

Second method tape recorder and background sound

Also read first method. If you wish you can use a radio that you placebetween two stations producing noise. In fact the best is to set it justnext to a station so you still yet can hear somebody speak. In this casette background sounds will be reformed to the so called EVP’s.

This reformation is very clear to hear, but one problem, digitally processing afterward is much more difficult. I myself prefer to use no backgroundvoice and while recording, I listen carefully if there is nothing in the neighborhood that could be recorded, like a sound of a bird. If so, then notice these, so then you can’t think it’s a voice later when you listen.

Third and best method with you PC

If you have a sound card and a computer microphone you can record digitally. No several new tapes needed. It is also better to process the voices later. Simply record, place your mike far from your PC (most PC’s disturb the microphone by their electromagnetic radiation). You can hear that if you amplify the wav-file at his maximum height. This is also so for the cable of the microphone. Stay away from PC, PC-screens, and most of all your speakers. Now you can record digitally, best at 16.000 samples at 16 bit(radioquality)

Another method?

How about a video recorder. If you are lucky you even can film a ghost. I never tried it, but I think that it’s best in bad light conditions, because the ghost noise can be seen better between the noise. You can also photograph them. Then it looks like a cloudy mist.

Listening after the recording.

I never record more than ten minutes. That’s because the carefully listening and processing of the voice could take very much time. Hours in fact. If you hear anything using a headphone, that is not an exact noise, or something of what you use as background, then transfer it to your PC. This can easily with a cable with a 1/8″ jack plugin. Processing and maximizing your quality and quantity (you’ll hear much more voices) Now you need a program like Dart Pro or Cooledit you can find it on the Internet, both are shareware. Registering gives you more possibility’s (otherwhise you can’t save your file in Cooledeit Pro). First amplify your wav-file to max. Than take a noise sample of a peace of recording, where there is certainly no voice. Then use the noise filter, now with a picture of the typical noise that has to been removed. Set this Filter at about 90 for Cooledit, or for Dart Pro experiment between 0,2 and 2 (better not use more). Another setting for Dart Pro is “Frequently carving “very small” and Frame size small to very small. Leave the rest. like it is.Test your noise reduction first before processing. Test it at a place where you think to hear something different. You can set several try’s and listento what sounds the best before you process the whole wav-file. After noise reducing you now can amplify your recording back to the maximum.(producing of course again more noise because of the seond amplification). If you wish you can repeat this step for a finer tuning, but mostly it is not necessary. Do not process the voice to much, you’ll lose detail to and it start to sound metallic distorbed. For my own experience this works perfect. I recorded hundreds voices now (only 10 posted on the site), answering questions. So can you. Listen on my site on the link “Stemmen uit de dood, bandstemmen EVP’s” Succeed? Then you can try to reduce the sampling frequently with your Windows Wav-player. (Wav-files takes much space) Recorded a very good one? You can send it to me, leaving some space with no sound or voice of about 1,5 second or more, if possible.

Note: very much voices are whispering. This could be because you do that to. In any way this thus not matter.


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