My own experiences on my search on paranormal phenomena

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Paranormal experiences of myself

Of course the paranormal exists. But I think to prove that to sceptics who won’t believe wil only result in an endless discussion. There is proof enough, but then they even attack scientific proofs to be false. No, I think that if you didn’t have paranormal experiënces of your own, it is hard to believe. It’s even hard to believe if something paranormal happens to you. Our mind is seeking for a explanation, and if it can’t find one, then whe forget the whole thing. Whe simple say ‘strange’, and go on.

But sure it is the way, like “Harvard University” specialist say, that the paranormal things that looks paranormal to us, are only the top of the Icemountain. The paranormal is integrated in our live al the time, but we don’t see it. But for those interesded in these phenomena, and those with a open but critical mind there is much paranormal activity who could be proof. Suggest you yust dicided to pull on the TV. The idea suddently appeard in your mind. On tv you just see something of interest for you. Paranormal? Not really, but it could…

I’m searching all my life, and believe me, I found many proofs (convincing eneough to for me to believe). I withnessed many precognicions who came out in detailed precicion. It must admit that there are others to who aren’t precise enough to be worth something.

I started to investigate, to experiment with these things. I didn’t want to use cards, oracles, but wanted to search for the reception of the real psychic. And I found it. Now I am psychic myself. I do these things experimental and free to explore my own paranormal ability. I can’t belief myself when suddently feelings or views are appearing to me that give me a insight to forme a correct detailed conclusion. Now how I found this by myself, it’s actually easy to do. I think everybody has this power. (It don’t work for my own, or not very good when it is not really importent). It worked best for people who really have a problem. I tell them immediatly to tell nothing, I don’t look at them to. They just give me a photograph or maby nothing, and I do the rest. I do ask somethime a question, only when I am not so very sure, or when the feelings are to weak. I am shocked of myself, looks like I have a kind of psychic power I never had realised. Now I am exploring this for many years. It are all weak feelings, and you must not thing on it, don’t even try to make a conclusion, just say it as you recieved it. Mostly they even look impossible, but when you have the feeling your right, it will be so.


Most paranormal ability’s are weak powers. You have to listen very carefully to your inner feelings, views, or voices. Don’t blow them away. Its importend that if you try your own sensability, to work with real things, no targets like cards or so. I did computertests with this my own, and altrought the results are good (odds on several tests 1/1400) the results are getting down. I believe because it so bothering. Thy this yourself. Thousends of times try to see a colored card. (a program of the University) There are 4 colors. Alone if you do the test hundreds of times, you can maby see some results. But if somebody is consulting you about something unnown, then it’s fun and also much stronger. Now you feel emotions, so if the cards don’t significantly works, it won’t say you can’t do it. Of course you got to have a strong belief in the paranormal en in yourself. This is only building up during years. I think I could learn it to others to. I don’t think I am special.

This isn’t the only thing, I have got one 100% OBE. It’s different from other OBE when your mind is at an other place. This happend when I got an accident. I was totally out of my body. I could see anything that happend. All af this could later be verified. I admit that isn’t always so in astral projection. Therefore I made a difference between mental OBE (some kind of earthlike shapes, but more weak viewings, and the really clear etheric OBE’s where you see the wright things happend with a super realistic body. If it wasn’t so that things happend that otherwhise are impossible, you won’t belief you are out of your body. I saw many things really happening, from many views. I didn’t walk from one to another location, I also didn’t fly through the air, but I just was there when I thought on it. That was the fist strange thing I realised. No other feelings, even my body looks real, when I got a first indicating I whas out of my body. The second thing is that something was wrong with my experience of time. Just like my thought immidiatly brougth me to for example the viewpoint from where I see the Ambulance coming, at the end of the street, there was no time in between. The things that were not important were cut out. This whas the second thing that I found very strange. The final realise came when I saw that nobody did see me. They could walk through me, if I didn’t step asside. How I tried to get attantion, nobody seems to notify me. Than I realised I whas out of my body. Suddently I was back from my unconciousness.

But I have many other experiences to. I have seen reel psychokinetic experiences. Nobody could have done these things, because I was alone. Or maby not. A friend of mine accidently killed a few years ago. It whas him who was trying to get my attention. This looks acceptable, because he know I did believe in these thing, and because he even joined some experiments. I can say, that he proved himself to me. With the Ouijaboard whe came immediatly in a good contact. He gave us names, references, messages for his mother, father and brother. Whe dind’t now any of these names, nor did whe now what exactly the messages means. He won’t give an explanation. All he say whas, ‘you will see’. I even first didn’t now it were names. He sayd it when I asked what this means. Then I asked his mother or she now somebody called ****. She whas impressed, when she looks to the names and the messages. Every got a message, where there were struggeling the most with.

This were messages, who could not be for another. They were very convincing for all of them, while I didn’t understand whole parts of the messages. They did. After whe set up a second session, now with his mother, whe got totally convinced. Note: Most Ouija board spellings are otherwhise incorrect. This is because they aren’t who the say they are. Theyre just seeking for contact. Somethime they trey to scare you. But this time it was really convincing. (Mostly somebody who don’t know Ouija asked for a person they know, many say they are the one, to play a little game or to just get contact, they also can’t predict the future, like normally not-psychic can’t even)

This happened twice. A few years later, another ‘somebody’, came trough. Automatic writing. A nam appeard…But she couldn’t be dead. Whe controlled and gattered the information.Everything was correct. She had committed suicide. Anyway, mostly the Ouijaboard isn’t convincing, and it is also picking up thoughts. So I seached for a proof that it whas really her. It could also be another who claims to be her. Somebody was with me, thats for sure. I got touched, real realistic. Mostly on my head. I also could ask to touch another to, also somethimes when they where not knowing of the experiment.

I remember once that I toke away her headache by lying my hand on her head and channeling energy. Her headdache whas gone and she looks impressed. I thing that this whas the meaning why I always was touched on top of my head, a feeling like a hand on your head).

Altrough I’m a paranormal believer, I am also very critical. So I believe in Ouija, but I also know that mostly it is incorrect. So this wasn’t convincing enough. The most convincing thing I got with it, was her phonenumber. I got to search it, because I didn’t know it. Ok; maby it is a kind of oncounsiousness knowing, or maby clairvoyance with my own toughts. I seached other ways, and suddently I remembered that years ago I experimented with Electronic voice phenomena. (EVP). This means that you record audio or video while asking questions. I must say I stopped it then, because you got to have a endless patiënte before you can suddently catch something. I remember that I was asking or I shoud follow a course of massage. Suddently a STRONG LOUD voice answered “The massage is educating”. Now maby, if I could be patient enough, I could catch her voice to. On my question who he/she was, she spoke her name on tape. I’m almost 100% sure, that it isn’t only her name, but also sure her voice. So I did go on. Now I gattered about 10 good voices, 3 or 4 are from her, and answering my question. I got more recordings than 10 but on other recordings, it looks like some people are wispering to eachother. These voices are worthless, because you can hear speak, but you can’t figure out who or what is said. But I got 12 good understandeble voices (4 months patiente for 2-5 recordings a week).

I got many experiences. This may look that this is impossible, and like I am overwelmed by the paranormal. I am, sure, but, that is just because I am so very critical. The explanation for so many experiences, is quit simple. I’m interested, awaked for these things and I do very much experiments. Some experiences should’t even be notished by another person. They should say ‘Strange’.

A second explanation could be that the reason for these experiences, is because I later would run a paranormal society. Meanwhile I am, this is our third year (1997) and everything is going fine. You even would thing that I get help. Somethimes you would bet on it.


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