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Ghost or Poltergeist

On 25-May-98, Denis Dhondt wrote:
Hello John, your story is interesting, with your permission I would like to post it on my webside …
Sure…You have my permission to post the article on your web site and thanks for the notes about my story, I’ll pass them along to my friends

My cousins live in a small house about 2 or 3 miles from us, they have constantly been bothered by some strange activity in the house. I’ll start from the beginning and warn readers that this is a very long post!

My cousins husband use to go bowling with my dad leaving her and their 2 young sons alone at home. The house at that time was in a rather remote location along a gravel road, altough that is not the case now…civilation is creeping up everywhere. Well, one night while he was out she heard a scratching on the window but when she went to look there was nothing. She went back in the other room and the noise started again, so going to look she saw nothing. This happened several more times and finally she became scared thinking someone was trying to break in. She called her parents who lived next door although only a field separated the houses it was difficult to see what was going on from one house to the other, they couldn’t see anyone around the house so her brother armed himself with a shotgun and headed across the field to her house. At exactly that time her husband pulled up and seeing the brother with the shotgun asked what was going on. He told him what was happening and they both looked around the house but found nothing. They went back into the house and talked to my cousin about what happened when the noise started up again. This time both men were armed with shotguns and went searching around the house.

Finally one of them saw a figure go into an outbuilding on the property…well being the era it was and also being from rural kentucky they did what any warm blooded kentuckian would do….they shot they living hell out of that outbuilding…filled it full of holes. When they finished they were to scared to go look so they went into the house and returned to the outbuilding the next morning…they found the building full of holes but NO BLOOD or NO BODY was in the bulding.

OK…now we skip ahead several years and start getting some more weird happenings….doors that will open and close…..voices….footsteps…etc.

This house was built new and no other house was there before it to our knowledge.

Recent happenings….
My cousins husband was in the house alone one night watching TV. He heard a strange scrape and bump…scrape and bump…and watched as a balloon floated into the room and decend right in front of his face. Thinking that the heating system had pulled the balloon from their back bedroom he returned the balloon to the room and went back to watch TV. Again he heard the scraping and bumping of the balloon and watched it come right back into the living room and decend in front of him. Taking it back to the room he shut the door to keep the air from bringing the balloon back but moments later it returned to the room and floated down in front of him. Well that did it from him…he strode back to the bedroom TIED the balloon to a chair shut the door and went back to watching TV. After a few minutes he dozed off and when he woke up the balloon was right in front of his face. After that he popped the balloon! Also my cousins grandkids have heard someone call their name in the back bedroom and both have seen a little girl on my cousins bed.

My cousin and her daughter have had physical contact???? with the entity. her daughter was cleaning out a closet in the house when she felt a arm come around her waist…thinking it was one of her brothers she turned and found no one there.

My cousin was sitting at the table eating lunch one day (she was alone in the house at the time) when she felt two hands on her shoulders…she continued eating and finally felt the hands leave her and quickly turned around to find no one there.

She has also be touched when doing the laundry…a hand gently resting on her shoulder.
They have never felt threatened in any way by the entity altough they have had a fright or two but mainly it seems to just do things that gets itself noticed.


Rearangement of the furniture by dead owner?

For my website I am looking for paranormal experiences. Can I use yours and if so, with or without name or email?Either. I don’t care.Roland

Yes I am a skeptic. But I have experienced a lot of paranormal activity that I can’t explain. I sit most easily in this newsgroup since you have a mixture of skeptics and believers alike. I am that mixture all into one.

I believe the Randi challenge is a very good thing because it will serve the purpose of sorting out what is rubbish from what is truly paranormal and under the control of people. The fact that the challenge has not been won for so long indicates to *me*, at least, that the subject of the paranormal is polluted with so much rubbish and fakers that there is probably a thousand idiots to ever one genuine person with paranormal abilities that are under their control. To me, the subject is suppressed – not by skeptics but by “believers” who want to believe in anything so long as it is paranormal.

Anyway. Enough about me and my point of view on this subject. Here is a little idea of mine to ponder.

A few months back I was at work and talking to a senior statistician. Not about statistics, mind you, but rather about a paranormal event while she was babysitting. She said she was sat in a lounge and was rather concerned to see the furniture proceed to re-arrange itself until it had settled into a new configuration in the room. When the parents got back they asked her why she had re-arranged the furniture. She said she hadn’t. And in reply to the obvious question “then who re-arranged it then” the reply was “Nobody. It just sort of did it itself’.

Now this was not said lightly and I believe this person. There is no way a person who is paid for their clear thinking in the area of statistics upon which multi-million dollar decisions are made would say this unless they clearly stood by what they had experienced.

Anyhow, my point is this.
This, to me, is obviously the deceased person in action. It turned out that there was an old lady who used to live there and that was the way the furniture was arranged when she was alive. But after she had died the place was taken over and one of the doorways moved, hence the furniture was re-arranged to suit the position of the door. So if a ghost can do this then why cannot a person do it as a ghost while they are still in their body or alive or however you want to state it?

And here’s a little thought. Perhaps the old lady suffered from OCD and couldn’t bear things being out of place. Now we know that this is a malfunction in the brain that can be treated by SSRls. It would seem to indicate, therefore, that ghost activity could be due to a malfunction in the brain – after that person is dead. And of course that doesn’t make any sense. So this may indicate that it is the house itself that is doing the paranormal act of re-arranging the furniture as if it had stored the intentions of the person who had lived there. Perhaps houses are alive and can comminicate or transfer ideas to other houses or even plots of land. Perhaps when people use ouija boards to comminicate with the dead they are in fact communicating with the houses they are in which is in turn communicating with other buildings and plots of land in the area.

Food for thought.


A Ghost with no eyes

Dear Denis,

You can use my story for your website. You have my permission to use my name and email. Let me know after you post my story in your web site. Thank you for emailing me.

Truly yours,

Jason Tercey

I was selected to be on the United State Paralympics track and field team for 1996 Altanta Paralympic Games. We all were suppose to be at the training camp 3 weeks before the Paralympic Games start. So we all went to South Coralina School for the Deaf or Blind to train and stay there for 2 weeks. Our coach had put us as a group with Cerebral palsy in a really old dormanation for the blind. On the same day when we arrived there from Washington D.C., we all felt very uncomfrontable around in that building. We tried to ingone our feeling of being uncomfrontable but we still had that same feeling.

One night, I went in the big room with 8 beds where my 5 roomates sleep from the bathroom. All the sudden, I felt an icy cold air went through me while I was walking to my bed. I thought it was a big gest of wind coming in through the window but I noticed that all of the windows were closed. I felt a fear insde me that I wanted to leave that building but I needed to get some sleep so I could get enough energy for the next day. I sat down on my bed, slid my legs under the blanket, and went to sleep. I was half sleep and started to hear a young female voice inside my hear but I am server to profound of hearing impairment. I could hear that voice clearly saying “help me”. All the sudden, I saw a figure of a girl in her P.J. with no eyes! She was standing right beside me and asking me where her eyes went! I was very speechless and helpless. I was just laying on my bed and staring at her without doing something. Couple minutes later, she was disappeared. After she disappeared, I couldnt sleep so I went outside and sat on a wooden chair.

Later in the morning, I went to the office, where the dorm manager run, and spoke to the manager about what I saw that night. He told me that blind girl was caught by the fire in that building which was burned up back in 1975 and remodeled in 1978. I have not seen that ghost since I first seen her without eyes. During my stay at that same dorm was peaceful and comfrontable. I do not understand how my feeling
had changed into confrontable instead of feeling unconfrontable. Gee, That was a really strange experince that I ever had.

Jason Tercey

Green ghost


You wrote me asking permission to post some of my paranormal experiences on your web site. I will let you do this if you will include my e-mail address and web page address in the posting of the experiences. You may also post any further messages that interest you that you read on the newsgroup that are written by me if you do the same, post my e-mail address and web page address with them.


Will Wolf

My sister and I live in the same house, and a while back I posted a message that had to do with what I thought was a succubus or iccubus. It turned out that it was probably just my imagination until I mentioned it to my sister.

My sister had an experience not too long ago where she woke up, kinda half asleep to see a small green glowing person peeking in from around the doorway in the hall. She was very scared so she decided not to move. She wanted to see what this green glowing person would do. It was a small humanoid shaped figure that was glowing all over which she first thought was an ‘alien’ looking thing. She said it had no facial features. Well, after watching it longer it kept moving back in forth in front of the doorway and finally moved in. It then walked over to the dresser and got behind it. My sister then felt herself being lifted towards the window of the room. She said she felt that this thing was behind her. Once she felt she was being led outside, she became too scared and sat up in bed. After that, everything seemed fine excpet she couldn’t go back to sleep and felt like something was still in the room.

Just the other night, she told me of another experience that happened to her. She went to bed with the window open and thought just before she dosed off weather or not she should close it. Well, she woke in that half awake state once again and saw a shadow of a man’s head in the window. She said everything was a bit hazy, but the form of the man’s head was clear in the window looking in. Then she heard hushed voices, like a whole lot of people talking at once and she felt hands touching her all over her body. She couldn’t make out any of the words being said. She said that she tried to yell out ‘stop touching me’ but she only heard it in her head. She couldn’t move and she said she felt herself being pulled to the window once again. She finally woke up to find herself still in her bed, she had to stay still for a while till she got up enough courage to close the window and go back to sleep in another position.

I have had experiences like this before as well, but I don’t ever recall having a visual one. They have always been just auditory for me and I have always felt another presence in the room while this was happening.

One who holds nature dear…
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Near Dead Experience

Hi Denis,

was just looking through dejanews and came across your msg. Feel free to use this or contact me, whatever. The experience was uplifting to say the least but there are downsides to an NDE, like how it affects the rest of your life (definitely positively), but it affects future social interaction, your lifes priorities, etc etc etc. Please feel free to contact me (or put me in touch with someone who can help me come to grips with reality again (so to speak) :).


John Paul Carr <>

Begging everyones indulgence,
but make of this what you will.

My NDE was the result of an high speed collision between my motorbike and an illegaly u-turning motor vehicle.

I was travelling along a straight road at a speed of approx 85mph, I noticed a slow stream of traffic coming towards me (convoy fashion), I’m only assuming that there was a slow truck holding them up, as I reached about a third of the way past the convoy, one of the cars made an unannounced u-turn.

It was a very solid hit, … bradumph (can’t think of an appropriate sound effect to describe the feeling), I had a sensation of the beginnings of a long slow motion tumble, my first thought was “oh shit I’m dead, now what” (seriously).

I must point out now, that this is the only time in the whole experience, that I can describe seeing anything resembling a white light or tunnel. It seemed that the tumbling took place in a warm soft white void.

Emerging from that void I was suddenly aware of being above the scene of the, I was’nt at all concerned about what had just happened. I seemed to just take it all in, my mind seemed… I said earlier “my first thought was” but I now realise the thinking process was completely different, it was like every thought happened at once, all was resolved and my mind became uncluttered… hmmmm (thats the first time I’ve coined that phrase for it but it seems appropriate). There was no BS left.

I did think about people I’d left behind, I just took it for granted that “they’d” understand soon enough themselves anyway.(I did’nt think about my mum or my girlfriend per se, it was more of a collective thing).

The night was dark but I could see very clearly, floating around tree top level, I was’nt aware of possesing a body but seemed to still have binocular vision, it was the middle of winter but I was’nt aware of the cold. I had everything I needed.

As far as “I” was concerned “I” had my freedom, I had know idea what was going to happen next but I could’nt wait, I was on my way. There seemed no urgency about what was happening either, no deadlines, no time limits.

Then came the bummer, I snapped back inside my body. There I was again, self absorbed, whinging moaning… I was back amongst the bullshit.

The accident was a fairly traumatic event, the poor body got quite a violent shake, I sustained a broken neck out of the whole affair. Another strange thing though, as soon as I had my bearings again, I was able to calmly direct people as to how I should be treated (as a spinal injury), “don’t move me”..”leave my helmet and scarf alone” etc.

I don’t know how long I was gone, it was at least long enough for my body to have landed 45yds up the road and a flurry of people to stir into action (I saw that much from my cosy little vantage point above the scene).

That was just a simple observation of my experience. I just don’t know how to tell you how much it meant, how much of a reassurance it was to me.

I have no fear now of dying. I know there is no “death”, I can only try and reassure you that “death” is not a thing to be feared.
I can philosophise and theorise about it all I want with you but one fact remains, no one in this life will know for sure “what it’s all about” until they take that next step. No NDEr or OOBer or whatever has returned with any answer, the ones with the answers dont come back!


John Paul Carr

Haunted House


Hello. I can give you a more detailed version of what happened with the Arcadia, CA poltergeist. It’s nice to have someone that believes. I don’t usually tell people about it, they tend to think I was on drugs or something.But it did happen, and I am really hoping to find something documented on it. With all the investigating that was done, something must be available. Give me a while to get the long version to you, as I am somewhat busy with work, kids, ect. this week. Feel free to post the version I sent, or the new one on your website, just send me a link, please.Denis, here is the more detailed version of the poltergeist in
Arcadia/Temple City, California.



Southern California Poltergeist

I’m new to this thing. But I have been trying to get info from people who have experienced poltergeists. I experienced the activity of one when I was 12 in 1976 or 77. It’s activity was rock throwing. Lasted about 3 months. My friend seemde to be the atracting person. Very scary. The police even got pelted.

Rocks of all sizes came from seemingly nowhere, and no one was able to explain it. It happened in Arcadia/Temple City, California area, and was investigated by Duke University and was written up in the LA Times, (apparently a six week series)

Would love to hear from others who have experienced simular events.



It all started on a friday night back in May 1976 or 1977 (right around Memorial Day). I was about 12 or 13, as was my friend Sandi*. My parents bowled a friday night league with friends of theirs who I babysat for every friday night. My good friend Sandi who lived around the corner, was supposed to come help me babysit as was our usual routine. Her parents also bowled with my parents, and the bowling alley is just around the corner from both of us.

Tammy called to say that she was on her way over. Just when she knocked at the front door to the house, a rock about the size of a cantalope hit the sliding glass door at the back of the house. Now, to start with, there was an enclosed patio on the other side of the glass door, and the rock had to fit through a regular door opening and across the room/patio. Well, Tammy and I were scared to death, and I was responsible for 3 and 5 year old children. The children were in the house, and there was no way they could have done that. The rocks kept coming, so we called all the adults home from bowling. My parents picked me up, and we went to Tammy’s to drop her off. The rocks followed. I remember the one of the responding sheriff’s, saying “this is bullshit!”, and bam, he gets nailed with a rock! All of a sudden he doesn’t think it is such bullshit, and calls for all available units to respond!

The rocks continued, all sizes from pebbles to large chunks of cement (that were too big to physically be launched by man). The investigators tried to blame it on kids with wrist rockets at first, but that was proved to be impossible. The rocks followed Sandi. They also followed her mother and a friend of ours as they walked blocks away from the home, pelting small pebbles at their legs.

Sandi and I tried to sneak out the back door, on the night it started , to rescue a litter of kittens or puppies in the back yard. There were two huge italian cypress on both sides of the door, so we turned off all the lights and decided to sneak behind the plants and work our way to the litter of baby animals to save them. As soon as we exited the house and got behind the plants, we were pelted with rocks!! No one could have seen us sneak out, it was a very dark night with no moon!

Eventually every window in the house was broken, including some internal windows that had no access from the outside, due to room additions to the house.

This was investigated by three separate police/ sheriff departments, and eventually Duke University came to check it out. The Los Angeles Times did a six week series on it, but I have been unable to locate it. I believe that it was determined that there was no way a human could possibly conduct this activity.

Since the rocks went to Sandi’s house with us, following the initial throwing , it is believed that she was the intended victim, or whatever you would like to call it. The rocks definitely centered on that family. But, they were not too selective, seeming to play with the police, pelting them also.

This activity lasted almost exactly three months, ending around Labor Day in September of the same year. I tell you , it was the scariest thing I have ever witnessed. And what is really weird is that in our family and that circle of friends, (though I have lost contact with Sandi and her family) we frequently talk about ‘the poltergeist’, like it is nothing out of the ordinary! I don’t know about you, but having rocks thrown at you for three months is NOT an everyday occurence.

*Name changed for privacy.

Walking out of the body in the future

That would be fine to post it and put my name and email address on it. Just let me now when its up.Thanks

At the time this occurred I did not understand the concept of OOBE’s even though I was having them. However about 7 years ago I had either an OOBE or lucid dream about a child that was approximately 3 years of age. This child grabbed onto my hand and took me into this very bright and elegant “temple” or special building. I perceived this child to be a child not yet born. I asked the child where “it” was taking me. The response I received was that I was being shown who “it’s” daddy was. Let me explain the “it” thing. The child was dressed in a very beautiful white frilly dress, and had very big brown eyes and light brown hair that was partially pulled back, the hair was not to long just past the ears or so.

I perceived the child as female at the time. Anyway, she pointed across a very large room to a man and at that moment the man turned around and she said this is my daddy. I looked at the man and for some reason I looked at all the details of his face. I also began to perceive that the child was a future child of mine, but I was not in a relationship with anyone nor was I married.

Months later I started dating a man and one day he showed me his drivers license. When I saw the picture, I freaked. The picture was much different than what he looked like. But was an exact match to the man in this “dream.” Now how do you tell a man that you just barely started dating, they are the future father of a child that hasn’t been conceived yet? I just couldn’t say a thing. Time passes and without going into lots of detail, another man also becomes part of my life while I am dating this first man. The second man ends up becoming the father to my child. I am convinced during the whole pregnancy that I am having a girl.The doctor says I am having a girl. I made all of the crib bedding, quilts, dresses, etc. for a girl. Name for a girl is picked out and not a thought of a boys name other than maybe if for some reason, an off chance that it is a boy because everyone has to have both gender names picked. The baby is born and lifted up for me to see and surprise, surprise a boy.

So three years pass, and one day my older daughters are playing dress up with my son, they send him in my room all dressed up in a white frilly dress with his hair pulled back, his hair is just below his ears and light brown, and he has big brown eyes and very petite and small for his age. I turned to look at him all dressed up like he was and nearly fell off my bed. Standing before me was that little girl of my “dream.” Even today, he is nearly 5, he still has more feminine features. I can dress him up in typical boys clothing and he can go shopping with me, and the cashiers think he is a girl. He just has a very “beautiful” face.

One thing about this “dream” the whole experience was more like an OOBE, when the little person grabbed my hand, I felt it. Everything about it was as real as if it had happened in this reality. Usually experiences like this are the ones that I don’t forget, like most normal dreams that come and go. This was very real. I have yet to understand why I was shown the other man as my son’s father, I can speculate all I want, I do know that the little person though was my son. Not just because of the match on the physical looks, but because of the same connection I had with that little person that I have with my son now. It’s like Monroe talks about “idents” a locator of an individual, even if someone has past on in this life and chosen another life he could lock in on their “ident” and locate them. That is what it is like for me and my son.

I have more connections like this with my grandchildren. Especially my 16 month old granddaughter. We have communicated astrally and sometimes when I am trying to OOBE I will try and connect with her. She has the ability, just as my son does. Isn’t it exciting!

I know I have been rambling, sorry. I hope this is of interest to you.

Take Care all.


Egyptian reincarnation

Yes, I give you permission to use my name and publish my experiences.

Diane Martin

I’d like to tell you about my strange experiences I started having three years ago which led me to believe in reincarnation and past lives.I took a trip to the Field Museum in Chicago, Il. I have always been interested in Egyptology and Archeology, so I spent alot of time in the Egypt exibit. They had a display where you could put your face up to the glass and look through a mask to see how you would have looked as an Egyptian girl. As I looked through the mask and saw the reflection in the mirror I had a strange sensation. I had a vision of being in the desert and looking at three pyramids in the distance and I could feel a sandstorm blowing at me. It felt so real! I was so startled and shook up. I started having wierd feelings when I looked at objects, such as a blue and white make-up jar on display. I felt like I had had one like it, and that’s why my favorite colors are blue and white.

Later, I got the idea that I had lived in Egypt and had died trying to rob a tomb. My father had needed money for a doctor to help my sick mother. My brother was too big, so my father sent me into the tunnel to try to get some artifacts. The tunnel caved in and at thirteen I sufficated and died. I believe this explains why I suffer from occasional bouts of claustraphobia. After this memory coming out, I started having other visions. I was working at a job where we were outside making a nature preserve. One of my co-workers brought a watermelon to eat on our break. I had this wierd feeling that we had done this before and that’s why I felt we were kindred spirits. I all of a sudden saw my friend Jason as black, and my other friend,Vicci, who was next to him as black also [ we are all white now} It felt the same way as my Chicago experience. I got the feeling that Jason and I had been brother and siser in a past lfe and Vicci had been my friend in a past life. Jason had done smething to make her dislike him in a past life. That would explain her instant dislike to Jasonin this life. I think my visions have opened a door into my mind and I have become a believer in reincarnation now. I don’t have any other explanation of why these memories seem so real. I also have preminitions of future occurrances that have come true.I was in the cemetary looking at gravestones and got the feeling that I should call my sister-in-law. I told myself I would do it later. I was looking at headstones and it made me think of death. I got an intence feeling that I had better call her again, so I decided to go to my mother-in-law’s house to use her phone.

When I got there I found out that my sister-in-law was in the hospital having her stomach pumped. At that exact time I was getting the message to call her, she was trying kill herself by ingesting a bottle of sleeping pills. I don’t ignore my preminitions anymore!



This is a true story and if you want to put it on your web you have my permission. Also you can add my e-mail address.

It was about five in the morning when I heard what sound like electrical static in my head and then my body started vibrating rapidly, suddenly I felt myself leave out of the top of my head. I seemed to be traveling at an extremely rapid speed through a black tunnel.

Then I found myself flying in a sitting position, but I was backwards. I knew someone was with me even though I couldn’t see anyone. I told the entity to turn me around. In less than a second I was facing to the front.

I looked down at the beautiful weedless green grass, no shadows, and a big lake to my left. There was a man dressed in light brown clothes and hat, what one might wear to fish, and that is what he was doing. The sky was a glowing white, but no sun.

As I was traveling at still a rapid speed I saw a dark green, thick forest ahead. The unseen entity and me entered into it, still at the fast speed. I was afraid of flying into a tree and getting injured, so I ask to be slowed down, in which I was.

We came out of the forest and there wasn’t any white sky, but just all shades of gray cloudy formation, with many people and angels (some with wings) all in gray. There was a very large rounded archway to enter. On the outside there were gray angels up off of the surface, possibly forty feet in the air, on either side of the archway. Angels were all around in front, just walking slowly, but seemed to be guarding the entry. There wasn’t a wall around this place, but yet it seemed the only way one could get in or out was through this archway.

I was taken inside where there were gray spirits, as far as my eyes could see, all dressed in gray gowns or robes. They were walking slowly with their heads bowed down and as those in limbo, as though they had nothing more to do but wait. They seemed faceless and unemotional.

I was taken to a building that looked like a fifty foot igloo, but first I had to go up three steps. There was a spirit sitting on the porch. He was wearing a band around his head such as Caesar is portrayed in movies. He looked up at me and gave me a very disgusting look. This was the only face that I saw, not even the angels had a face.

I was taken by this unseen entity, but it’s presence was very real, across a narrow porch (all gray cloud formation, but yet as firm appearing as our buildings), then we make a right turn and went around the corner along the right of the strange shaped structure. We got to a little opening, just like an entry way of an igloo, which meant in order to get inside I would have to
get on my knees and crawl through.

That quickly I was back in my body with my eyes opened and feeling very disappointed because I wanted to see what was inside. So I closed my eyes and willed myself back to the very spot. This time I was there as quick as a thought.

Standing once again in front of the small opening I was allowed to see what was inside. There was what looked like a slab or table found in a morgue. On that table was me, covered up to my neck with a gray sheet. My mother was sitting on what seemed to be a stone backless bench about six feet long. She was looking at me and crying.

Then suddenly I was back in my body again. Around that time I was practicing going out of my body because I had a near-death experience one night. I got books and studied about it. I was getting very good at leaving my body and had some interesting trips, but nothing like this one. After this I was not able to leave my body anymore no matter how much I tried. But I am taken out of my body by spirits when they want to show me something or to see them. That is an all together different story.

I believe it was becoming dangerous for me to spend four and five hours a night until I forced myself out of my body, and this was a warning for me to stop. After this incident I didn’t try so hard and eventually stopped altogether because I became afraid.

Sex with spirits

Story with permission of

I’ve had a blanket pulled off of me when I was getting too warm and another time when I was sick the blanket was taken off and folded at the foot of my bed. They have handed me glasses of water, tissues and feel my head to see if I had a fever. Of course all I could see was everything in gray spirit form so I couldn’t use what they were giving me, but it reminded me to drink water and etc. One time they spelled out on my micro-wave the word “food”, so I wouldn’t forget to eat. I never knew that word was on my micro-wave and would have to play around with it to be able to bring it up. They are very good at reminding me of things in this manner.

A year before that with my first husband, I have been married three times, I would take afternoon naps. A spirit started climbing into the bed and raping me, but in a way I allowed it because of a TV show I saw years before this. It was the Johnny Carson stand up afternoon Television show. He had a woman on who said she had a spirit lover and I made the remark that I wouldn’t mind that. Little did I know this would actually happen years later. So I looked at the spirit as a lover and must confess the sex was tremendous. But then he started getting rough by trying to smother me and I would have to struggle to get out of bed, then he would leave.

I stopped taking afternoon naps and started divorce procedures. I remarried and my middle husband would leave for work at five a.m., finally one morning I heard the front door open and a shuffling walk coming through the long hall to our bedroom. The bed sunk and I thought he decided not to go to work. I turned around and he wasn’t there! This started happening every morning and afternoon, so I was getting very little sleep and started to lose weight. I didn’t tell anyone about this because at the time I didn’t know what it was and it being a ghost was the farthest thing from my mind. My one twin kept saying the place was haunted, but I was wrapped up in acting; however I did read cards and held seances for some of the elite. I really didn’t believe in ghosts and didn’t have an answer for the strange things I seemed to be able to do with the cards and seances. I held a seance when I was only around ten, but don’t know where I got the idea. It was as though I was oblivious to the spirit world in one sense of the way and yet take it for to be a natural thing for me.

You see when you allow them to make love to you then they want you to come over to their side, and that usually is by suicide. Or they will try to scare you enough to cause you to be ill and possibly end up having a stroke. I know of two ladies that their lives have been destroyed by one being a spirit rapist and the other was a consensual act at first. But both women found that the spirits wanted them to die so they could come to the other side. The one woman disappear, but I wrote a manuscript on her experiences, and the other poor soul is 78 and is tormented day and night. He calls her ugly names and curses her and then rapes her sometimes all night long. She tried putting towels between her legs, but that didn’t work. The strange thing about these two ladies that live in different states is that their stories are practically identical. They both seeked help, but to no avail.

Over at the mobile I was woke up by a noise through the middle of the night and looked over by the TV and saw a man in a white T-shirt and shorts who looked just like my husband’s build, so I thought he had gotten up to go to the bathroom. The spirit bent down and started crawling onto the foot of the bed and suddenly he disappeared. I believe because he saw me looking at him. The next morning I got on the recorder and Rick told me it was Ralph Whitebarn (Indian). We have Indians married to whites and supposedly the land was an Indian burial ground.

Again I woke up and felt a full body person lying tightly up against me and told the person to leave. It was Ralph again.I moved from the mobile leaving my son, his wife and her daughter there. I now live in my 30 foot trailer and love the privacy. I was woken up here withRalph lying on top of me with his arms wrapped around me and had me about eight inches levitated off of the bed. I told him that no he couldn’t do this because I am married to my husband Les. He instantly disappeared. But since we have moved in this trailer park which is for adults only and no animals I am having spirits from here coming over the recorder. And have been molested three times.

This is a very old park and many people have died here so a lot of them are hanging around. Actually it is like living in a cemetery. Last month five old folks died. I am a very young 66 and manage to keep my youthful weight and appearances up throughout the years.

My sister’s NDE?

I am posting here for all to see. Feel free to copy it.

My sister had an attack of appendicitis. She was rushed to the hospital. While laying on the operating table, she floated out of body, looked herself on the table and watched the doctors and nurses rush around trying to help her recover. She considered in herself why they were making such a fuss because she was perfectly alright. She quickly tired of watching them and looked up. Her mind followed her gaze and she floated up to the ceiling, then she turned her gaze downward and saw everyone getting smaller and smaller. She felt a strong sense of levity. The thought occurred to her to go back down. She floated down and stood beside her body on the operating table. People were working right through her. Then she considered leaving and took a walk out of the operating room, and roamed the halls for a few minutes. She did not tell me that she remembered getting back into her body.

Meeting my mother while out of the body

In regards to your request to use my story on your web site, it is Ok with me.

Hello: The following are two experiences that I have had. Does anybody have any thoughts on these:

Several years ago my mother passed away. One early morning while having trouble falling asleep, I finally took a very warm shower and then went back to bed, very tired. It was at this time that I (dream or real?) raised off the bed and floated to the ceiling. Next I was right thru the roof of the little motel I was staying at and being pulled by something. It was like I was in the back seat of a bus looking out the window at the road as it flew by. Next I was over the trees and over the city and then pulled into a tunnel. As I flew (or more likely was pulled) thru the tunnel, all of a sudden I was abruptly stopped in a room with very white walls. As I waited for a moment, a door seemed to open and in walked my mom! At this point I was very emotional and ashamed to say I was very scared. She was trying to tell me something. However, all of a sudden I seemed to be jolted back into my bed as if I had fallen into my bed. This was a strange experience or dream, unlike any dream I have ever had.

However, about 1 month ago, I was laying in bed in a meditative state, when gradually a vibratory humming sound got louder and louder. I just layed there kind of mesmerized by the whole thing. I then shook it off and asked my wife if she heard and felt that and she didn’t know what I was talking about. Since that night I have learned that this is reported to be a possible precursor to an OBE. Well I got a good book on this, “Adventures beyond the body” or something like that and the author says that the hummings are sometimes precursors. However, I have not been able to intentionally duplicate the buzzing or an OBE. I am now tyrying to relax and if this will happen again, I will remain open to a potential OBE, but I have not had success while trying. Anybody have any thoughts about this?

– YingYang Man

Note from Denis Dhondt: The humming sound is almost common before a Out of the body experience begins. Other possabilities are a ringing sound and more seldom music. This is why I am sure it is a OBE and not a Lucid dream or hallucination.

Unusual OBE

You have my permission to post my OBE experience below titled “Unusual OBE”. Also, you can include my email for those that would like to give me some feedback. Thanks.

Not long ago, I had an unusual out of body experience. I was at a spiritualist church watching mediums trying to contact the deceased in order to prove continuation of existence after death. The spiritualist church I attended normally does this twice a year. Just before I experienced my OBE, I remember feeling very cold. So what I did was shut my eyes, put my arms out and imagined I was in front of a fireplace so that I could feel a bit better. The first time I tried it, I felt as if one of the mediums was sitting really close to me. I thought that was really strange because that medium was sitting opposite to me about 20 meters away. I then opened my eyes and saw that that medium was still sitting 20 meters away. I thought maybe my mind must have been playing tricks on me and that I was tired. Anyway! I tried doing my little meditation again. As I pretended to be in front of a fireplace for the second time, again the same thing happened. It felt like that same medium was sitting right beside me again in my comfort zone. I felt so uncomfortable with that feeling that I opened my eyes for the second time. I decided to try for the third time. This time I was determined to ignore the feeling being convinced that it was just my mind. As I got the same uncomfortable feeling again, presto! I experienced an out of body experience! It all happened in a blink on an eye. I found myself sitting on the medium’s chair starring at myself. Because of the person sitting in front, I remember moving my head to the side so that I could see myself. At that moment, I remember feeling an excruciating pain on my hips. I felt like punching them. Then before I knew it, I was back in my body observing that medium’s face expression. Her face was tilted to the side in the direction I moved it while staring at myself (It felt like I had possessed her body at the time of my OBE). She had the expression like as if to say “What did you do to me?”

Later, when I spoke to that medium, she told me that the pain felt in my hips was actually the pain she was feeling. The interesting thing was that she actually really felt like punching her hips. She told me this. I spoke to this person again about one week later. This person said to me “I don’t know what you did to me but you healed me some how”. She has had hip problems for over ten years. Some how my out of body experience healed her. Another interesting thing to note, it felt like at if our souls swapped bodies for a couple of seconds because I had control of her body. But, she never mentioned having an out of body experience.


Dreams of the Future

Interesting website Denis!

Use the above as you wish. Use my identification as you wish.

Good Luck!


1st Dream.

Awoke to memories of strange dream. Described dream to Wife. I dreamt that I was a member of a small group of people being shepherded around an Hotel or Guest House by a Lady.The view was as if I was looking out of my own eyes at the things before me. It started upstairs and we were being shown different bedrooms.Then we retraced our steps to the staircase and descended.At the bottom turned left and Guide opened a pair of doors and described the room as the Lounge.We entered and there were pieces of furniture around the fairly large room,but of most interest to me were the decorations to the walls and the ceiling.The theme of the decorations was Chinese.Around each wall-light was a chinese motif and around the ceiling rose was a gigantic dragon! All in scarlet and blue. A wonderful sight. That was the end of the dream.It had been unusual for me as it was in colour.

About 4 weeks later I was notified by my Company that I was going on a training course of short duration to Swindon Wiltshire.This was to be in company with other Engineers & we would be undertaking a course in Colour TV principles.On arrival at Swindon we entered our Hotel and as a group we were shown around the rooms allocated to us as a group and started down the staircase after this.On descending I had a feeling that I remembered the scene and when the guide turned left at the bottom she opened the pair of doors before us and explained that this was the Lounge.My feelings were quite strange as I knew what I was about to see!.There before me was the exact room complete with its decorations in all their glory.The shock was such that I had to sit down on a Settee and be given a glass of water. On notifying my Wife – she could hardly believe me.

This dream occurred around 1966 and further such dreams were to follow. They ceased around 1973.They all consisted of a segment of time of short duration (about 1 or 2 minutes in real time.).The time lapse between dream and reality? was about 4 weeks.My thoughts about ‘time’ are confused and have been since then. I consider that the events were a natural and not a supernatural happening. The interesting thing to me is that although I have notified one or two organisations of these dreams I have had no ‘astonished’ replies.All I have had is a laconic reply or two. I wondered whether they had thought me another ‘nutter’. If it is of any interest I could detail the other events to this conference.

Dream 2.

This dream was of myself alone and consisted of what seemed to be just a segment of future time that would occur to me. I was at the foot of a flight of stairs, looking up, it was just possible to see a large window at the top of the first flight. It was quite dimly lit and I proceeded up to this first landing which turned right and then up a further small flight to a larger landing.Here I noticed in the gloom a door slightly ajar to my left and then looked around to the right because out of the corner of my eye I had seen a movement..I then saw that what I could just see was myself.For there at the right of the stairs was a large wardrobe with what looked like apair of Horns above the centre doors.In the middle of this was a large Mirror in which I could see myself dimly. That was the extent of that dream.

This was described to my Wife upon waking.
About a month later I was seeking new employment and the Company had asked me to go up to interview and that I would need to stay overnight. To that end they had booked me into an Hotel.The Hotel turned out to be a Public House quite close to the railway crossing.However I arrived fairly late in the evening and had a little refreshment in the Bar before asking to be shown my room.The Publican had to remain in the Bar but directed me to my room with instructions to “‘mind my step’ as the light was out on the landing”.Exiting the Bar through a small door I found myself in a dimly lit corridor and that the staircase went up to my right. Turning I noticed that I could just see at the top of the flight a window.As I climbed the first flight I suddenly remembered the dream and prepared myself mentally for what I now expected to see.Sure enough at the top of the 2nd flight was a door slightly ajar to my left and blackness within.Without turning I knew what to expect to my right. I saw a slight movement to my right and turned and saw exactly as described in the dream!. The mirror set in the middle of a large wardrobe of precisely similar design as seen in the dream. Pretty boring contents but the import was shattering.

Dream 3.

This dream followed the same sequence as all the previous. At this time I was working at the General Hospital,Southampton as an Electronics Technician. The dream was as follows: I am walking along a pavement which is alongside a building to my left.I have just left such a building behind me.The buildings form two sides of a quadrangle.Continuing to the end of the building I turn right alongside another large Hall and proceed to the end of this building.At the end I stop and turn around and see in the corner of the square around which I have just traversed,a tower on top of the building with a clock face on it. It shows about 5 past 2.The clock showed a predominance of black on its face. That was the end of the dream.

That was again described to my Wife.
At about the time of this event I had been invited to assist with a seminar which the Engineering Faculty at the Hospital was wont to present once a year to its Engineer Members. I was to go to assist with the Video and Sound facilities. About 4 or 5 weeks after the dream I had to travel to Keele University to help as indicated above.On registering I was told to go a certain route to my room and in so doing I would pass the Hall where the events would be held. On leaving the registration area I made my way along a path and found myself following in my dreams footsteps.! Precisely. Again the same procedure seems to have occurred. I was able to see a short period of time of the future which was presented to me as if I was viewing it from my own eyes.


I just saw a ghost

Yes I was scared by a ghost this afternoon at 12:57! Les took somethings to the mobile so I decided to run the sweeper in the bedroom to pass time. I was standing at the foot of the bed and running the sweeper over the electric blanket. I was turned almost half way facing the hall in back of me because of the tight quarters being in a trailer. I saw who I thought was Les step out from in back of me and stand to the side so I could see him. Only what I saw, a foot and a half from me, was a black form, broader built than Les, but about the same size, being 5’10. It was standing in front of the bathroom door that was cracked about one and a half inches, but he was so manifested that he blocked out the light coming from the bathroom, also the light from the kitchen window filtered into the hall, so it was clearly lit. I quickly turned angrily completely around to yell at Les for scaring me, but the form quickly disappeared. I yelled out, “Oh my god!”

I quickly called the mobile to see if Les was still there, but he wasn’t, so I told my daughter-in-law Barbara what just happened. Les got home about five minutes later and I told him. It scared me so badly that I had a crushing feeling in my chest and I felt my heart was in my throat. I had to take a half of a xanax to releave the tightness, but an hour later my chest was still tight from the fright, so I took another half of a xanax.

I don’t care who it is that sneaks up in back of me it will scare the you know what out of me! I just don’t appreciate being scared in this manner. Obviously he wanted me to see him, because he stood close to me and in my eyes view.

Now I am waiting to see if the ghost was wanting to tell me something, or if it was maybe one of the many spirits living at the trailer court. I don’t think it was one of my spirit friends from the mobile, because they have had many years to pull a stunt like this and never did. We see them mostly accidentally, but not always, but they never sneaked up in back of us and then show themselves.


Visit by my deceased father


Your site should provide a lot of food for deep thought for many peoplepondering life’s biggest mystery—continuation after death. My NDE/ADC that occurred years ago has had a big influence in my life. Please feel free to post it. Hopefully, it will be helpful to others. You may use my name and e-mail address. I am always available to answer questions from those, like me, seeking knowledge in matters paranormal.

Best regards,

Tim Veseau

These events occurred about eighteen years ago. I was divorced at the time and was living in Chicago in a condo. I was dating a lot, but basically I felt quite lonely. My two sons were living with their mother in a suburb of Chicago. One night, I was feeling generally depressed and, to obtain some relief, ingested too many intoxicants. I was alone, in the dark, sitting on my living room couch. I knew I was near death and felt that if I went to sleep, I would not awaken.

I soon felt the presence of my father, who had been dead for about ten years, in my condo. I did not see him, but I knew he was there in the dining room. This was quite unusual because I had not been particularly close to him while he was alive and, since his death, I had never felt his presence before. I knew he was there to help me. He was not there to be judgmental. I did not hear anything audible from him, but, basically telepathically, he held out a choice for me. I understood that if I joined him in the dining room, I would be dead and he would help me with the transition. There was no fear on my part. He was not influencing me to make a decision one way or the other. He was just there to help me if I needed it.

I was very tempted to walk into the dining room and join him. I thought about it and decided it would be far too selfish on my part to leave my two young sons, whom I loved very much. So I decided not to go into the dining room. I soon became aware that I no longer felt his presence.

After several hours, I was fine. At the time, I thought this was a very interesting event; but I really did not appreciate its full significance. It wasn’t until 1994 when I was trying to deal with the loss of my youngest son that the event many years ago with my father became much more meaningful for me. I was trying to find out “why” and to deal with the deep sorrow a parent feels when a child dies. Somehow, I began to read about paranormal events and phenomina of all types. I couldn’t read fast enough. Some things I simply could not believe. However, what moved me the most was the research by very serious and apparently well qualified researchers into Near Death Experiences. A whole new world opened for me that gave me comfort, understanding and hope. I continue to study NDE’s and (to a much lesser extent) other paranormal phenomina. I have come to terms with the loss of my son. I still miss him dearly, but I do feel he is happy and is growing spiritually elsewhere. He has visited me on about four occasions in very vivid dreams. In one that was particularly vivid and moving, he told me (in a much more caring and mature tone than he had when he was alive) that he was fine and that he did not mean to hurt me as much as he did by his death. I do consider those visits with my son to be precious gifts.

My own “NDE” years ago with my father validated the materials I have read and the near certainty (perhaps, 95%) that death is not the end and, therefore, should not be feared. Sometimes I get concerned that I cannot be 100% certain in my own mind that death is not the end. I have concluded that the small amount of uncertainty is the price we pay for being human. If we could know with absolute certainty that a wonderful experience awaits us upon the death of our bodies, perhaps as humans we would accomplish very little. We would simply sit back and wait for the “good life” to follow.

Tim Veseau

Tree green rooms in space

I forgot about this out-of-body experience that took place in the early eighties. One night while supposedly asleep I suddenly found myself in a light green room. The lighting was dim and there were plain backless benches of a light shade of wood along all four sides of the wall, which was filled with people of all ages sitting quietly, but no children. There was one regular size door way that opened to another building.

My name was called, but I didn’t see anyone, and I was told to go to the next room. I walked over to the door and was shocked to see that there was at least a foot or more distance of black space separating the rooms. I could see the molecules and I instantly knew we were in space. Also I seemed to know that if I stepped into that blackness that I would be lost forever. I was scared about stepping over this space, but for some reason I knew that I had no choice. It was almost like it was there to test us as to whether we would be afraid to step over it.

I entered the next building which consisted of two green rooms. There was a woman sitting at a desk covered with files, and also more benches with people sitting and waiting. I could see in through the doorway of the other room and there were filing cabinets lined up against the wall.

A woman came out from the file room with an opened file in her hand and called my name. I went up to her and she said, “You can’t come over.” I knew she meant I had to return to earth and even though this most certainly wasn’t inviting I wanted to stay, but not in the green rooms of course. So I said, “I want to come over now.” She answered, “You can’t because you still have responsibilities.”

That quickly it was over and I lay in bed mulling what just happened. It was so vivid that it seems like only yesterday. Since that time I can see how I was used to bring my family together in Las Vegas, NV by moving here from Louisiana. My one twin met his wife in Louisiana, and the other twin met his wife in Las Vegas. Because of this move my third son moved to California rather than living in Vegas and met his wife. I can see the pattern of my whole life in how it set in motion the many moves for my children, my husband and me. Now I wait to see what comes next from my choices in life (or are they my choices?). I desire to go over to the Other Side, but guess we really don’t have that choice.

This is just one of many experiences I have encountered throughout my long life. I have come to the conclusion that we all have a certain time to pass over to the Other Side and then continue living forever without the fear of death stalking us.


Another OBE

I had been very depressed and wishing I could just go home to heaven. (I have had a glimpse of it before in all its grandeur) So I was about to go to sleep when all of this happened. As soon as I was out of my body I felt the incredible peace and love that people refer to. I know that initially I must have turned to look at myself and saw my sad countenance, because I said, “silly girl, there is so much to be thankful for!” I didn’t even feel any sadness, as I had a moment before when I was in my body. I felt full of LIFE. Then I turned to this soft, yellow glow above me and said, “I am finally home!” I was only 21 at the time. The thought came to me from my Heavenly Father, “Are you sure you are ready to come home now?” And without even mulling this over at all I returned the answer, “no, I want to go back and marry Dale.” Just like that I was back in my body, trying to move away from the sound, just like no time had passed. For the next week or so, as I walked to college, I felt like I was walking on air. Everything looked better, and I felt better.

As soon as this decision had been made and I knew that I knew what I was going to do as soon as I graduated, I began seeing my first child. I felt myself older lifting a 18 month old little girl up over my head, like you do when you are playing with your baby. I only saw her for an instant. My husband-to-be at the time said he had had a dream where he was holding a 2 year old little girl in his lap and described what she looked like. I knew what I was going to name her before we were even married and it was 2 years before she was born.

I think I was one of those people that never had a fondness for being here on earth, so God had to sort of push me along with these revelations, so I would have some kind of motivation to keep living. I am doing much better now, because 3 years ago I was released from something that was attached to me in the spirit realm, ever since I was a baby. It had been draining my vitality and I never even knew it was there. God is good, that this was taken off me and I can see that it was allowed to give me something to work against, just like weights are used to help build muscles. God has a specific work for all of us to do, and I have found mine.


Strange vibrations and views of the Astral world

Dear Denis,

You have my permission to post this experience along with my name.

I woke up one morning and found my body was really vibrating. It was like I had grabbed one of those electric cattle fences, as it had the same effect. A vibrating humming sound. Even my nose tingled and the fillings in my mouth hummed too. When I looked around me, there seemed to be an overlay of another world, either within our earth world or a little higher. This world had trees, grass and rocks just like our world except not in the exact places as ours and I decided that is must exist at a higher vibration. This went on for several days and during this time I saw what turned out to be the ghost of a man, a coyote and two cats. One of the cats I knew, a Siamese, as she had died the previous fall. The man was standing on the other side of our van and, as I passed by, thinking it was my husband without looking at him, I said something but he did not answer. So I went back all the way around the van but no one was there. I asked my husband if he had been outside. He says no.

I am sitting doing some ceramics at a table in my studio and movement catches my eye as a cat runs right thru the wall of the studio under another table and stops when it sees me, turns, runs back thru the wall where it came in. This is the 2nd ghost cat and I am feeling a little uneasy as to what is taking place. At lunch I’m over at the house and fix a sandwich and sit in the Den while eating it. Movement catches my eye and here my Siamese cat walks right thru the Den and goes down the hallway and into the bathroom (this cat is the one that had died the previous fall). Well I get up and walk down the hall and look in the bathroom, but there is no cat there. In the course of several days I see her 3 times in the house.

While taking a walk around my 10 acre field that is surrounded by trees I’m still seeing this imprint of another world. There is a bank of rocks in this other world that is imprinted on some of the trees along this field. I see a coyote running as fast as it can coming thru undergrowth in my world and across my field, going into the timber. There is no way that animal can run thru my field like that with thick undergrowth and honeysuckle vines. The imprintation of this other world which I saw constantly lasted for about a week. Everyday I noticed the vibrations were less until one morning the imprintations were gone. Haven’t seen them since. I’m still vibrating some but only notice it at night after going to bed when it is quiet. It was like being in our world but looking into another world at a higher vibration.

      Sandy Dollar

Spirit of dead son


Feel free to post this.

A few years ago when I lived in an apt with my son I kept seeing out of the corner of my eye what I thought was my son. Who was three at the time. When I would turn and look the figure would disappear. Well, this went on for some time.

My husband Troy, who was my boyfriend at the time, noticed this too. Neither of us said anything to the other because we thought we were just seeing things. One night I saw Troy look down the hall and then turn his head back towards me. I asked him what he was looking at and he said he thought he saw my son. I then told him I too keep thinking I see my son and when I look it disappears. Troy said it goes into the kitchen and I said yes and then he said it is about the size of my son and I said yes and then we both said it has blond hair like my son’s. This was freaky we were seeing the same thing. I told my neighbor about it and when she left my apt she invited the object down to her apt and she said she saw it there and I hadn’t seen it since she invited it to her place.

Well, about six months had past and I was discussing this with a few other neighbors and I found out that a little young child had drowned in the pond behind my apartment building this happened years ago I would say back in the 70’s sometime. I have always wondered if that figure was the ghost of the child???




Thank you for returning my e-mail yes i would really like it if you would post it on your web page………and put my name (Krista)
and my e-mail address. Thank you so much you have really helped me!!!!!!!!!

Thanks again,

      Krista E-mail Krista
      and Lauren E-mail Lauren

Dear Denis,

I would like to say that i have had experienced with the Ouija board frequent times in my life! Me and my 2 cousins have wondered for about 4 years if the Ouija board really works or if it is just some mental thing in side your brain. We have come to find out that it is not your brain, it’s the spirts.

It all started at my Gandma’s house we would go there and stay during the summer. Her house is very old to be exact it is 155 years old. There have been numerous occasions when people have died there! My youngest cousin Lauren and her mom decided to play around with the ouija board and brought it to my Grandma’s house. (Which the ouija board has been used for many years by Lauren’s mom’s boyfriends family. And they have contacted a demon named Charlie. After they brought it we stayed the night at my Grandma’s house.Everyone was in bed except me, and my 2 cousins we Hearing Knocking, the door slamming, creeping noises under neath in the basement.That night Lauren fell asleep and me and my other cousin Tristen went and slept in the living room.We fell asleep ad I Awoke about 3:00 in the morning to find a young child that looked just like Lauren sitting right in front of me i thought it was Lauren and I said, “Lauren what are you doing?”

There was no answer…..I waved my hand in front of her face, but no movement.Then finally my hnad went threw her. I freaked out, I looked at her and hid my head under the cover (I was only 11 what do you expect?) So then about 5 minutes Later i got the guts to poke my head out of the cover to see if the “so called Lauren” was still there. I seen a young women very pale,wearing a white long dress,her hair was about shoulder length. She was sitting on the white chair right in front of me. I started kicking my cousin Tristen that was right beside me, but she never awakened. The next morning I said Tristen, I have something to tell you, she said I have something too. So i told her what happened that night, then come to find out she had seen an older man laying on the sofa. Tristen had bruises from where I kicked her so hard. Then we started telling my other cousin and more and more people. It comes to find out more people don’t believe us. So we decided to research “ghosts” our selfs. We continued to play around with the Ouija board and at my cousins birthday party someone got the idea that it would be fun to play around with the Ouija board. There were about 15 girls at the party which most of us were in Lauren’s room. Many people took turns when someone said, “Lauren why don’t you and your 2 cousins try it?” So we did, we spaced it out and we got on it. We played on it then something happened. We remember asking it who are you? It answered your cousin. We said, “Which cousin, what is your name?” It answered Ryan (She was 16 years old that died 4 years ago in a freak accident when she was on a field trip and they went white water rafting. She fell off the raft and drowned. Me and my 2 cousins didn’t handle it too well) We started talkin and it was really her….so we think, she told us things that no one knew but us.Like for example..Ryan got cremated and her ashes are in my aunts living room on a table with pictures around it of Ryan.

She said, Krista do you remember when you and Katie (her sister) almost dropped my ashes? I freaked out no one knew that but me and her sister katie. We continued talking to her that night untill she asked me and my 2 cousins to sit in the floor and let her get inside our bodies.I wasn’t really up to this and neither were my cousins.We sat down in the floor but quickly jumpped back on the bed.That night we tried contacting Ryan again but we never got to talk with her. We were all scared to death and till this day, I still wonder who that was, and if it was really her? Maybe it’s an “unsolved mystery” I don’t know or Our minds were just playing tricks on us.

Krista and Lauren

Haunted and attacked


(She lives with spiritis around her, often she records EVPs. But this is a long story. To be short, I think, she also attract them in some ways. She sends them to me and I use them on this site (see homepage – bandstemmen EVP). I clear them from any noise as much as possible so they become better understanding)

I went in on your site and I hear, “Broken feeling, I hate in him.” This is certainly scary!

I have woke up with bruises on my arms and the inner sides of my upper legs, which I have shown to Les. But this hasn’t happened for about six months now. I have been raped in the last year two or three times while sleeping, which woke me and I could still feel the sensation. I hope this spirit isn’t coming through Les because in the last month I have seen who I thought was Les sitting on my side of the bed looking at me, although he was asleep on the opposite side. And just last week I saw him sitting in the kitchen looking into the waste paper can while I was taking a nap on the couch. I have suspected that there is a ghost that shows up appearing to look like Les.
This one crawled into my bed one night and I thought it was Les coming back from the bathroom. When he saw me looking at him he vanished. He also was standing in the center of the living room when I was taking a nap and I opened my eyes to see him. He was staring down at me. When Les goes to Louisiana this ghost will crawl in bed and I think it is Les until I realize he is in Louisiana. Even when I was up in the mountains alone in our former camper I saw Les standing at the bed looking at me and even occupying the other bed through the night. All of this time I thought maybe Les was going out of his body and didn’t realize it could be anyone else. But now I am suspecting this spirit is pretending to be Les. He even woke me up lying on top of me one night with his arms around me and levitated us up off the bed about a foot. I told him, “No I am married to Les.” And he dropped me and disappeared. Les gets angry at the spirits when I tell him about some of these experiences, but he knows he can’t do anything about it.
I even thought possibly a curse that was put on Les in Hawaii when he was about twenty years old might be affecting me. Because this girl’s mother threatened to put a curse on him if he didn’t marry her daughter. He was in the Navy and got stationed in California and he didn’t marry the girl. Within weeks after we were married I mysteriously ruptured a disk in my lower back and was in very bad shape. Two doctors said at the hospital that I would be up one day and down three the rest of my life, but I got out of that bed and now I go hiking, although it took two years before I could walk without holding on to walls and etc. But then again a few years after we were married I had a simple little fall from a stick that Les put in the ground to mark a carport that he was going to build. All the ligaments were torn in my upper right back and have never healed, they cause me pain all of the time, but I learned to live with it. I have and am attacked with strange physical pains and feelings.
We have had all kinds of problems with water leaking from places that should not have been. Pipes, commodes, water coming through windows, a ceiling falling in the one bedroom, terrible leaks in another bedroom, living room, dining room and living room, water on chairs and places on the floors. Even the door and frame fell down and within minutes a terrible wind storm started and covered the large bedroom with sand. Four fruit tree died and all of the flowers. Many other things happened such as Les almost dying from being electrocuted, and me from ant poison sprinkled around the mobile for ants. Ants, scorpians, large furry spiders, crickets and mice were everywhere in the mobile. Many of these things happened before I realized that the place was haunted, after I started taping and befriended the spirits they became friendly and things got much nicer.
Les was married two times before me and both wives divorced him, which I can’t understand because he is a wonderful attentive man. But it seems as though something is with him and was first trying to destroy Les and then me. Les was even shot at in Louisiana while at work, but the gun misfired twice and Les hit the floor saving his life when the third bullet was fired. He yelled out for “Jesus” and the burglar ran out of the store.
I use to feel like someone was watching me when we watched television and I thought it was Les since I sat on a chair in front of him. I would feel like I had to keep moving and was so very restless, but I would sit still because I didn’t want Les to see me being so restless. Now I know they are always around watching, but I just ignore them.
My son George sees them a lot. And Robert he gets angry because they visit his home and hide his tools and other things. He even yells at them. He is sure it is Rick the seventeen year old boy. Yesterday Rick came over the activator (EVP-recording) and said, “Robert– miss him.” Robert and family are in Missouri visiting for the week.
Never know what is going to happen from one day to the next. Even Les witnesses many of the things that happen. In fact they screw up his VCR programming a lot of the time and he gets upset over it. The other day we couldn’t get the water to come out of the shower hose, but then it just started working. Small annoying things like this happens all of the time, but it still makes Les angry. One even spoke out of one of the ceiling speakers while he was standing under it. That freaked Les out! The loud male voice ask, “Do you have a doughnut? I want a doughnut.” About thirty minutes before this happened I told them if they wanted anything to let me know. Rick came over the recorder requesting some pictures that I took which had vortices and orbs.
George can’t drive his car or it will stop going into gear, but Barbara can drive it. George has taken it into the shop so many times and they never could find anything wrong with it, so he drives his truck. George says he knows that one of the ghosts does this to him. One of them followed him on a bare highway one day in an old green car and suddenly disappeared. I guess one of the ghost feels the car belongs to Barbara.
They have attacked Barbara too, cutting her hair, splashing black hair dye into her eye about a month ago, rubbing her legs and feet through the night one time. She thought it was the ferret and got up to put it away, but it was asleep in it’s cage. Then she woke up one night with her foot feeling as though it were on fire and she was afraid to turn on the light, because she knew her foot was terribly burned. This happened to my leg through the middle of the night, it was as bad as any burn. In fact I found burned marks on my sheet, mattress cover and a blanket. Looked like cigarette burns and we don’t smoke.
Many things of this nature has happened. Even George was touched through the night and the same night I was touched too. He woke up one night hearing classical music playing in his ear, and I woke up hearing what sounded like the music from an Ice Cream truck playing in my right ear for at least five minutes. Very scary! Robert had a growling voice come out of him one night. Also the bed in the side bedroom levitated a foot off the floor after someone turned off the light. That really scared Robert, he was in it. My grandson saw a young fellow run through our bedroom and out through the wall as he entered into it one night. That was before we knew the place was haunted.
Barbara’s daughter-in-law heard someone growling in her ear when sleeping in the back bedroom. I could go on and on about the many things that happened and still continues. It seems things will be quiet for awhile and then it starts up again.
I think it is because there are fourteen spirits living there and they have many relatives, friends and business associates visiting. Some of these people aren’t very nice. Now that I am living in my trailer in this park there are many more spirits visiting, because many people have died here in the park and are still dying. I have seen two male ghosts, three spirit dogs and a cat while taking our nightly walks. There are no animals allowed in the park, besides they disappear right before my eyes.
I know that exorcism doesn’t work. I don’t record nearly as often as I use to and maybe some of them don’t like this. Got to remember that some of these spirits are nice and others not so nice, so it is a mixed bag. I don’t understand why I am so sensitive to them. I am the oldest of eight children and only my baby sister and me experience these things from the Other Side. The other siblings don’t want to believe there are spirits and so they are in denial because of fear. However I know some of them have experience strange things, but they won’t talk about them.

Jackie (end of part one)

Part two


This morning around ten a.m. Les was taking off his shorts to get into the shower when he noticed deep scratch marks horizontally crossing his stomach to the right about three inches down from his navel.
He showed them to me. They are deep enough that they will scab over. I thought to take a picture of them about five minutes later. There are fifteen separate scratches. Now the first scratches on me was Monday a week ago, the red blotches were on Wednesday and now today being Monday Les is scratched deeper than what I was.
Also my head scarf was hidden from me yesterday and I had to use a new one that I didn’t want to wear because they are hard to find. After we returned home I started searching the same places and found the scarf folded neatly and laying under a gray scarf that I had already picked up and then searched the shelf.
The scratches all started the day I felt passionate and sexy toward Les, and of course he responded. So I definitely feel it is a jealious female spirit attacking both of us. I say female because women can and do scratch.

I can understand you not running the story. I don’t send these expecting you to put them on your website, but of course I don’t have any objections when you feel it is proper. (Well I did now) I am going to try using Holy water on both Les and me, also put crosses of Holy water over the doors and at the head of our bed. I saw a similiar thing happen on Sightings a few years back when they were researching a haunted house. The fellow was attacked with scratches that was made as the cameras were on him. They found there was a little girl spirit living there and suspected she was doing it in anger toward him. I never thought anything like this would be happening to us. I think there is a mean female spirit that died in the trailer park who is in love with Les. But of course that is only speculation.
I will try what you suggested. I am not scared at this point, but if things get more drastic then of course I will be frightened. Then I will try to find some help.

As ever,


My haunted home


Here is my story of my family and the house we grew up in. You may use it on your website and my email address of


When the hall door slammed shut, our puzzled eyes were answered with “It’s just the wind.” We grew familiar with that sound.
While young our parents tell us there are no such things as ghosts, monsters, or boogie men. They LIED! I guess it’s their way of protecting the young ones from things that go bump in the night. I grew up in a haunted house. I am the oldest of five children and now at the age of 41, I tell my children, “Yes, there are ghosts, monsters and boogie men.” Why would I lie?

The chronological order of happenings I can’t recall. What I can say is that each member of my family has their own stories of things that they have felt, saw and heard. My first memory of strange happenings (other than the hall door slamming shut regularly) was the first night I slept in my new bedroom. You see, we had outgrown our house and my father added an upstairs that gave us two extra bedrooms and a large living room. This addition was finished in 1968 and I was at the age of twelve. I had not completely moved into the room, my closet still had empty coat hangers. The closet doors were sliding doors running on a track on the floor. So when one was opened fully it slid in behind the other. On this night both doors were shut except for the left door being slid open about 3 inches. I was in bed, lights out and heard the empty coat hangers clanging together like someone had taken their hand and gently brushed them just enough to make them sing. This scared me and I ran into the other bedroom which at the time my parents occupied. I did not wake them, but curled up on the floor at the end of their bed and went to sleep. I was safe there. This episode could have been explained away by a breeze or wind coming through the window, but my bedroom only had one window and it was near the ceiling , measured roughly 24 inches high and 40 inches wide. Dad had never installed central air or window units in that part of the house and summers used to be miserably hot due to NO BREEZE.

The most traumatizing event happened to my brother and I, and at the time he was around the age of 9 and I was 14. My two brothers had moved into the bedroom upstairs next to mine. It was very hot this night and they had decided to make a pallet out in the living room on the floor. I decided to sleep in their room because there were two windows and hopefully would get a faint breeze. My brother closest to me in age had already fallen asleep, and I was in bed trying to sleep with great difficulty. All of a sudden I heard the low gravely sound of breathing coming from the living room. It sounded as if someone were having a hard time catching their breath. I told my younger brother “O.K., you’re not scaring me.” And the next thing I know he’s running and jumping into bed with me saying “Debbie, that’s not me.” We both lay there listening to it, and it stops. Then starts again but this time it’s not coming from the living room. It’s in the bedroom with us and is much louder. We were terrified. Somehow, we communicated enough to each other to make a run for the downstairs. (We left our other brother up there still asleep. To this day I’ll never know how he slept through it) Once we got downstairs I dove in on the couch and my brother I do believe was trying to crawl under the couch and as he looked to the hallway where we had just come from he saw something trying to take a form. He describes it as a bunch of fireflies swarming around. Well, all the screaming woke my dad up. I remember it was the first time I had ever seem my father in his underwear. They seemed to glow. Dad thought someone had broken into the house because we were so tore up. I don’t think he realized at the time that we hadn’t seen an intruder of this world. But had heard and seen an intruder that we knew was not of this world. I don’t recall how long it took us to gather the courage up to sleep back upstairs again. I remember sleeping many nights downstairs in the living room with the hall light either on or the hall door closed. Our parents gave us that choice. And the brother still sleeping on the floor never woke up until the screaming started.

This “spirit” I shall call it, I believe to be a male. Why I don’t know. This is the one that tormented my brother that was with me that night. Why is singled him out we don’t know. Now, when I say tormented, I don’t mean, scratching, biting and throwing around. It tormented him mentally and he nearly had a nervous breakdown over it. To this day he gets choked up talking about it. He had gone over to a friends to spend the night one time and it followed him there. He heard the breathing and his friends mother got the bible out and started reading it aloud and it stopped. Once he was in my bedroom listening to the headphones, and a little black pot I had hanging from a chain was twirling round and round, spilling dirt all over. He would sleep with the headphones on at night just so that he wouldn’t be laying there waiting for it to come. His girlfriend (now his wife) heard it at one time too. I guess she thought the whole bunch crazy until she did. They were home during the day. Must have been skipping school. The breathing started and my brother made her stand at the hallway and listen. He said that it came downstairs and that the whole house seemed to be filled with the sound. I recall one night my brothers had some friends over for the night from church, everyone was in bed except the boys of course. They thought they would sneak downstairs for a snack. I can see them now creeping into the kitchen toward the light switch and just as they turned the light on, all the pots and pans that were hanging on the wall jumped off and went into the floor. Of course this wakes the whole house up.

Coming home from school, sometimes we would just stay outside waiting for mom or dad to come home from work. Not wanting to be inside alone. After I got on into high school, I brought a girlfriend home with me. We had gotten out early, so there wasn’t anyone at home. We were in my room, she had the headphones on sitting on my bed with her back against the wall and facing the open bedroom door. My back was to the door and I looked at her, her eyes were wide open with a frightened stare in them. I knew without asking that she had seen something. She said it was a man in a gray suit walking from the ledge (which had about a 4 ft. drop) towards the other side of the living room. I had to take her home right afterwards and we weren’t friends long after that. Guess she couldn’t handle it.
One Christmas we were all in the downstairs living room watching TV and heard something break in the hallway. We got up and there was a glass Christmas tree ornament broken. Just like someone had taken it off the tree and thrown it. My mother has felt animals jump up on her bed at night while trying to sleep. And Dad never allowed animals in the house, this was against the law.
My younger brother still living at home, was on the phone once with his girlfriend, and handling a knife. He accidentally cut himself and told her to hold on while he went downstairs to the bathroom. (He had taken over my room) He put the receiver down on the bed and went downstairs, when he came back she asked him who was there with him because a man had gotten on the phone and said “Don’t worry about him, he’s alive.” My brother has seen a man step off the steps going toward the basement door. And while walking upstairs has seen balls of light at the top. Not so long ago, he was in bed and heard a loud knocking at the front door. He gets up and goes to the door and no one is there. He wasn’t dreaming because the dog which was in the house (Dad has mellowed out about animals over the years) was standing at the door looking at it. He went back to bed and no sooner that he laid back down, there it was again. But, no one there. Two summers ago, he and I were watching TV, all of a sudden the TV clicks off, we both look at each other , then it clicks back on again. My mother on several occasions while washing dishes has had the feeling that someone was standing behind her. And my sister while visiting up there recently was pouring herself a cup of coffee, saw a shadow of someone behind her on the wall. She and her girlfriend (my younger brothers girlfriend who heard the mans voice on the phone) had come home one night thinking my brother was there. Lori went upstairs to my brothers room (my old room) and opened the door. The light was off and not wanting to turn it on in his eyes, she went on in hearing him roll over in the bed, she sat down on the edge but found he wasn’t there. No one was. She immediately ran downstairs and my sister knew by the look on her face that something had happened, about the time she came through the hallway, all the lights in the house went off and they ran outside. Finding they had left the car keys on the end table they had to go back in, as soon as they opened the front door to go in the lights came back on.

Now, mother is the type that will try to explain things away, but not so much anymore. I guess it was her way of being able to live there. She said she never felt threatened and I don’t recall anyone ever feeling that way with the exception of Ronnie to whom the breathing spirit seemed to attach himself to. About a year ago, she was at home alone and had the dog in the downstairs living room. She was lying on the couch watching TV and the dog was lying on the floor next to her. He starts with a low gravely growl looking toward the kitchen, and then sits up getting upset at something in there. Mom went into the kitchen with him and after he saw there was nothing there he settled down. But mom said after that he lay to where he could see in there just watching.
Back when I was young, I had been left at home on Wednesday night with my younger sister while everyone had gone to church. I was sitting in the floor watching TV and had my back to the kitchen with my sister standing in between my legs facing the kitchen. She started pointing toward the kitchen saying “Look, mama.” After she got older she was at the kitchen table eating soup and crackers, had her elbow on the table holding a cracker up and something pulled on her cracker trying to pull it out of her hand. While my brothers slept in the room next to mine upstairs there was a time period to where every time I went to bed, a picture of a rifle would come into my head. It was a lever action Winchester. I don’t recall how long this went on, but one afternoon I walked into my brothers bedroom, he was sitting on the bed. He must have been a little older at this time to be able to have a rifle leaning in the corner. But I told him that I had been having bad feelings about a rifle and he put it up. After he did this the visions were gone and never came back. We had a young sibling at home at this time. I’ve always believed that something or someone was giving me a warning and had I not taken it seriously, something dreadful could have happened.

My mother and father divorced at one point and mother remarried. Her second husband was asleep one night upstairs and was awakened for some reason to see two men at the foot of the bed. They looked like two soldiers in gray, walking, turning and walking back toward each other. They noticed him, stopped and bent over the bed and looked at mother who was asleep, he took a swing at them and they disappeared.
The most recent things happening, my mother was in the basement getting clothes out of the dryer and an empty box (heavy one that a vacuum cleaner had come in) started rocking back and forth. She never took her eyes off of it and called for my brother. Before he got there it stopped and he looked inside thinking it might be a mouse but there was no mouse and mother never saw one run out. She never took her eyes off of the box. Mom and dad have heard loud crashes and investigated but never found anything. My Aunt now living there has heard people walking around upstairs as well as my mother. My Aunt has even heard someone call her name. And just the other day while my sister and I were visiting having coffee, heard someone call “Sharon” from the living room. No one was in there.
I spent the night with my two kids one night last spring because there were tornado warnings out. No one else was home except my younger brother. I made the children a bed on the floor downstairs and I slept on the couch. The hall door had been shut when we went to bed and just before I went to sleep I heard the hall door open. I didn’t look to see if was Tony or not, just assumed. I asked him the next morning why he got up and opened the hall door and he said that he hadn’t. The kids were asleep.
My parents reunited several years ago and since then, Dad has had several things happen to him. He had come in from work one day during the summer, and had shut the hall door fixing to turn the air conditioner on so that the house would be cool when mother came home. He looked at the clock and decided that it was a little early to do this because the air conditioner would freeze up. He left the door shut and went into the bathroom. While there, he heard the hall door open and close. He didn’t think much of this thinking it was one of my brothers coming in from work. When he came out, he looked through the house, but no one to be found. Just last week he was coming in from work walking up the side walk and heard someone upstairs. He gets his key out, unlocks the front door and knowing no one else is suppose to be home, pulls his pocket knife out of his pocket. As he had come into the house, he heard one of the bedroom doors shut upstairs and thought to himself “whoever it is I’m going to catch now”, he goes upstairs but again, no one there.

While in the basement (right below the upstairs addition) the sound of someone dropping what sounded like to be a handful of change on the floor, then walk across the living room and back again has been heard, and of course no one of this world was up there.
My younger brother was awakened one night to someone shaking him, as soon as he was awake he heard someone say “LISTEN”. There wasn’t anyone standing there to shake him.

We’ve asked dad when he built the house did he dig up any old bones or used old lumber from a torn down house. We are the only family that has ever lived there. My dad built the house himself. Dad says there is an old graveyard at the corner of the neighborhood and there are 4 other houses in the neighborhood that are supposedly “haunted”. Now that grandchildren are coming into puberty it seems that things are beginning to happen much more frequently. But the grandchildren have been spared any spooky occurrences to this date. I don’t know how many hours all of us have sat around trying to figure just who or what it is or where it even came from. To go from a normal household to a place of turmoil and fear, having our preacher come over to pray but to no avail. My Dad took the family to Shiloh Military Park one year and had a strange thing happen to him there, he was standing looking across the battlefield and he said that all of a sudden things changed, the trees were different and there were soldiers and gunfire, smoke, screaming and yelling of men being shot and killed. This really tore him up and we had to immediately leave! Makes me wonder if maybe something came home with us that day? Possible? Who knows? My brother Ronnie is an active Civil War Re-enactor though, and is plaged by a persistant dream of being in a trench with another guy, he says he knows this guy while he’s in his dream and can almost name him when he’s awake but can’t put his finger on his name or identity. In his dream he gets a sharp pain to his chest and looks at this other guy (knowing he’s been shot) then he wakes up. But while in his dream he feels the pain as if he’s being shot. This is happening to him frequently, so much so that he hates to go to sleep at night and will stay up as late as he can stand it. He said every re-enactment battle he goes to he looks for this guy that he sees in his dream hoping to find him. Ronnie was born the very day my grandfater died, but I can’t see my grandfater doing these things to his own kinfolk.

To this date, I still don’t like being up there alone. Always get the creeps when I walk in and no one is home. I try to avoid it. There are times when opening the hall door to go upstairs, I get a creepy feeling. I can most times shake it off and when I can’t I just leave. The breathing hasn’t been heard for years, but in the back of my mind I can’t help but think that it’s just hanging out, waiting for the right person to come along. The “spirit” there now I don’t think is the same one that was doing the breathing. I may be wrong. Over the years it’s presence, however slight, has come to be accepted. But it still un-nerves you when you hear that hall door slam.
I’ve had other experiences of the paranormal outside of my home as well as my brother Ronnie who was with me the first night the “breather” came. He seems to be more drawn or shall I say “they” seem to be more drawn to him than any of us. Several years ago while bending over the tub to wash his hair under the faucet, something took it’s foot and shoved him by his butt into the tub. He thought it was his wife so he started swearing and cursing but she had just started to put the key in the front door to come in from the grocery. She said she heard him in there swearing and carrying on. Ronnie seems to think it was his father in law who had passed away not long before that incident. Said it’s something he would do. Right after his father in law passed away Ronnie and his wife passed him standing on the side of the rode with his hands in his pockets wearing a white t-shirt like he always did. They just looked at each other and drove on, didn’t turn around.


My youngest brother just moved out into his first house with 2 other guys. From the very beginning they have been hearing things in this old house. The house was built in the 1930’s. One particular night my brother was there alone and had gone to bed. He heard something or someone rattling the door knob to the door that leads outside to his porch. He jumps up, grabs his shotgun and looks out the windows. It being dark he didn’t see any thing. He goes outside and checks around the house. Nothing. Goes back in lays down and as soon as his head hits the pillow he hears the knob twist twice.
I had noticed my brother had been staying back at our old home for several nights in a row and thought he must have decided to move back. I went up to talk to him and he told me about all the weird things that had been happening at his new house. They hear people carrying on conversations, walking across the floor, one of his room mates was thumped in the head by something. Makes your wonder if the spirits from our old home followed him up there??


Um, well mine was kinda weird. I was in a chat room and my sister was at her friends house and they were in the same chat room as me. All of a sudden I typed “Katie, look out the window!” (Katie is my sister) Her friend looked out the window and walking up the driveway was a man. He tried to break into the house but my sister’s friends parents were home. As soon as my sister’s friends’ parents came to the door the man ran away. It was very weird when my sister typed what had happened in the chat room. I don’t know how I knew, I just did. Sara

Apparition of a girl

I give you permission to publish this story on your website & my e-mail address is Dominique Scarlet

Dear Denis,

When i was about eight I was laying down on my bed just looking at the new lamp my uncle gave me, it was about 8:00p.m. Then all of a sudden I see this little girl!! This little girl had soft strawberry blonde hair, black eyes, with an old fashioned night gown & she had a bright glow to her. Well, since I was little I screamed as hard a an eight year could but then she just disappeared into thin air. My uncle ran up and asked me what had happened, but he didn’t believe me. And that wasn’t the last time I saw her.


Dominique Scarlett

Feeling watched and a blowing presence

My name is Tim, and I’ve been having some weird things happen for the past few years that couldn’t have been coincidence.

For about a year now I’ve been having nightmares about dead people and German Shepherds. I’ve always been paranoid that there’s always someone watching me, but I think this crosses the line. almost every night I’ll be walking in or through our living room when I’ll get a terrible migraine, and chill down my back and after about a minute the migraine and chill go away, but I start to feel cold air blowing on me, then begin to shake and get really scared and something will happen like something will move or something and then when someone comes near it all stops.

The thing is is that the same thing happened to my dog an hour ago. What happened was, my dog was laying in front of our steps with her two favorite toys when I suddenly felt a burst of cold air go by and my dogs ball started to roll away. My dog stuck its head up as to see who it was when she got really scared and suddenly her ears popped up and she started to whine I started to hear a slight strumming noise of a guitar, but there was nohing where I looked. And thats what happened up to this point so far.

The board answered right

Ok my experience happened last night on saturday the 14th. my friend and i were using the ouija board that i had just baught the day before. we brought it up to her attic and plugged in christmas lights. then we lit a candle and and put our hands on the ouija board. we asked if there were any spirits in the room that wished to talk to us, it said yes. we decided to ask it about itself, like whats ur name and how old r u. it turns out that it was a guy named charlie and he was 24 when he died of leukemia. we asked him y he chose my friend and i to talk to. now this is no joke, he wrote down, because we have the psychic eye. i got freaked and so did my friend. we asked if he had a message he would like to give to somebody, of course he said yes. he said the person he would like to give the message to is this old woman named harriette from a nursing home called kingsway in albany, ny! . just by coincidence we live in albany, ny. and my friends sister works there as a dietician. she said she knew her. my friend and i started to freak out and gave the message to my friends sister to tell to harriette, there is no way in hell we could have know that stuff. we were completely freaked out.

      experience 161002


It was the summer of 1963, as every summer since my birth I would go to visit my mother. I lived with my grandparents, they were my legal guardian. This summer was an experience alone. I had many weird experiences all my life. But, this is one of my favorites.
That summer I met my dear friend Mary, to this day she is still a very dear friend.
My mother lived in Marinette, Wisconsin and she lived in this house that was just in front a Railroad Round House. My grandfather, worked for the railroad and he would worked there. He would stay at my mothers house will he was working there. My grandparents lived 50miles south of there.
The strangest thing was there were two house on the property. One was a little house and right in the middle of it was a barber chair. I can remember a man sitting in this chair and always looking out. He owned both houses, that one and the one my mother lived in.
His name was Herbie. He always walked around with bib coveralls, and wore this ungodly looking wig. At, the time I thought he was so old. But, now that I look back he probably was in his 50’s. On this property there was another long skinny building, in there his two brothers lived.

One evening, my two brothers and sister was outside in the front yard playing.
I was in the house with my mother. She had asked me to turn the radio on. So, I walked from the living room through the dining area, through the kitchen to the back bedroom. I turned the radio on and then returned to the livingroom. My mother was talking and we were conversing back and forth, when my mother asked to check on the radio. I had seemed to be off the station. We could not hear anything. So, again I went back into the back bedroom and fiddled around with the dials and nothing. THEN I looked downwards and noticed the plug was pulled out of the wall. I ran back into the livingroom screaming. My mother, then told me that there had been weird things happening in that house. She thought the house was haunted.

The next time that I had come to visit, she had bought a ouija board. She had asked me if I wanted to play it with her. I thought it was just a toy. Never heard of anything wicked or such. What would I know I was only 13 years old. My friend Mary was there also.
So my mother and I had our hands on the dial. We had asked questions and my mother then asked. Ouija is there any ghosts in this house? And it answered yes and then pointed to 2. I thought my mother was moving it. But, the day after I validated myself by asking Herbie. And he said, “that two men had died in the house while they were renting it from him. I was shocked!!!!
The next time my mother and I played with it my girlfriend was over again. My mother thought she would really try a more difficult question for the board to answer. Mind you, I had only knew Mary for only about six months. My mother and I knew very little about her family history or anything.
My mother asked the ouija board what was Mary’s mother’s maiden name ? It spelled out P-E-T-T-Y. We both looked at one another in amazement. My grandfathers sister’s last name was Petty. She lived in Evanston, Illinios. We both ask Mary the question and she said her mother’s maiden name was Petty, and her mother’s family came from the Chicago area. That was enough for me. I have never played the ouija board again.

But, as for my mother, she had learned her lesson the hard way.
It was in the cold winter of l969, my mother was distraught after the death of my grandmother. She would talk to her every morning on the phone. Even if it was long-distance. It had been about nine months or so that she had died. My mother was then living out in no where , in Misichot, Wisconsin. In this dancehall and Tavern, attached to her house. They never used the dancehall or Tavern. But, in the winter months they had to close everything off with plastic. So, they would not lose any heat from the house.
One evening, there was a small room inbetween the kitchen and tavern, they were sitting in. My mother, sister and by then 5 brothers. My mother had three sets of twins. I was not there, but this is what I was told.

They were playing the ouija board and my mother start asking it to talk to my grandmother. Over and over again. Finally, she said, “Ma if you are there, give me a sign.

That was it. The plastic that divided the rooms,and the two by fours that supported the plastic all came out and went flying everywhere. My brothers and sister went crawling on their hand and knees up the stairs to their bedrooms. My brother said, that his knees were all bloody, by the time he got to his bedroom. They were scared and that was the last time my mother ever played the Ouija board. Infact, she had burnt it.

      Joan - experience 230203

Looking at myself

OK… goes. First of all you have permission to use my first name and Email. Anyone else having an experience like this please contact me.


I was driving to work one morning, and it was dark out, as it was only 5:30 in the morning. I was on a country road, doing about 50mph. To my left there was open field. As I reached the bottom of a hill, a deer “hopped” out in front of me. That is the best way as I can describe it as it was the last thing I remember about the actual accident, and seemed almost funny to me at the time, as how much the deer resembled a rabbit.

My next recollection was looking at myself from out side of the car. As I looked at the car I saw myself inside, and the interior appeared to be filling up with smoke. (I later learned that is common affect of the air bags going off.) It was at that time I remembered the deer, and started looking for it. I saw it on the other side of the road, about 35yds from my car, almost in the woods, laying in a fetal position. I seemed to see it very clearly from “where I was” and my next impression of it was that it was so young? Now my car was laying on its side in a ditch, so my only view, if I was to have been semi conscience was of the grass.

It was at that moment that the thought came to my mind, “So this is dead?” I seemed almost humorous to me at the time, and I marveled at the number of people on the side of the road at the time, and one man that was walking back and forth in front of his car with a car phone.
My next moment was inside of the car, regaining conscienceness, and trying to get out. It was, indeed, filling with smoke, as I had seen somewhere?…..and the drivers door was jammed as I had also seen, and scrambled to get out the passenger side. A paramedic approached me and told me to get in the ambulance, but before I did, I asked him, “It was a deer right?” He told me yes, and pointed across the road, and there, as I has seen it earlier, lay the deer in the fetal position. In an off hand comment the paramedic also remarked, “Yea, it was a young one too.” And I mumbled under my breath……”Yea……I know”


Apparition of a girl


girl I have a small story that I give you permission to use as you see fit.

While 11 (I am now 23) I lived in an old house in the sleepy town of Bundaberg, Australia. I would constantly hear people walking down the halls at night. On one ocassion what I thought to be a cat got up and jumped up on my bed. On inspection nothing was there.

One night at about 2am I got out of bed with a roaring thirst, went down the hallway to get a drink from the tap. As I neared the kitchen, I saw the image of a teenage girl in 70’s clothing sitting in one of the lounge chairs facing me.

She had dark brown eyes and brown hair. Predictably I shit myself and ran all the way back to bed and pulled up the covers!


Trained to OBE

My name is H. L. and I came to this forum because I have experienced sleep paralysis/OBE for over 30 years now.
As I started to read of the the experiment with Miss Z, the doctor pointed out that you cannot determine when it will happen which makes it harder to study. This is true to a point, but those of us who have experienced this for as long and as often as I have can tell you that there are certain things that will gaurantee the phenomena.

Perhaps people that have only experienced it once or twice in their lifetime cannot be assured of this, but speaking for myself, I know exactly what will undoubtly bring it on.
Firstly though, I am now 41 years of age, I have experienced SP/OBE (they go hand in hand) since I was about 8 or 9 years of age never having the occurances cease for any amount of time. The occurances are frequent and although the sleep paralysis is a very scary and uncomfortable undescribable feeling, the OBE is extremely interesting to me. In my older years I have come to experiment while in this state…yes I am lucid, I know exactly what is happening and what is to come, so when the OBE happens, I try different antics such as, going up, down, backward, forward, faster slower…anything I can think of while this experience lasts.
Some people report a feeling of a presence, evil or otherwise. I have never felt any melevolance, evil, goodness, love, light or anything as such, but I would agree that I have always felt that I am not alone, I have never questioned that much further.
I have suffered approximately the same amount of years with SEVERE migrane headaches which I swear will be the death of me yet, and I wonder very much if these headaches have anything to do with my experiences? That is part one of what I wanted to ask/say. The other is that, I have had reconstructive knee surgery and other medical mishaps that caused the doctor to give me Tylonol 3 for the pain. Now, I can gaurantee you that all it requires for me to have SP/OBE is to simply take two of these and lay down, it will happen every time. Needless to say, I take them as little as possible!!

This experience has also happened in a waking state, but only once, and it scared the living hell out of me. One minute I was taking my socks off the next I was in SP.
During OBE, I generally stay in my home exploring but I have left the house once only to find myself at a friends house obeserving them visiting with people I had never met before. When I questioned my friend the next day they had received unexpected out of town company the night before and she wondered how I knew. I wanted to tell her what they looked like and what the were wearing, but dropped the subject because I would have had to explain myself to her, and I did not want her to think me crazy, as it was she was sure I was out late snooping around her house!! Oh well.


Hi again Denis,

It is late here, could not seem to get to sleep so I decided to give you what you requested, which was more info.
My experiences have been so many, for so long I guess the best way to start is to describe to you…the best I can what it is that happens to me.

Firstly, sleep paralysis.

If this should keep occurring for the rest of my life I shall never get used to…or like the beginning phase for what is to me OBE. As I stated for me those go hand in hand, one does not occur without the other.
Sleep paralysis occurs for me either right as I am entering the sleep, or dream phase, or can occur when I am deep into sleep and dreaming already, usually the first though. Although I have experienced the sensations a hundred thousand times, I hate it just as much as the first time. I immediately feel a very strong “electrical” current in my head, as soon as this happens I start trying to wake myself up. I try to call out, I try to kick, to slap, to somehow get the attention of my husband beside me, and although in my sleep I am doing this I always know that I am actually laying very still and that my husband has no idea of what is happening to me. As I stated before, I know for fact that I can move my head because I have awoken myself banging my head agains’t the head board. This is the most unpleasant feeling I have ever known, worse than the worst pain I have ever felt, or any other feeling for that matter. To be quite frank that feeling scares the hell out of me, and why wouldn’t it, I don’t know why it happens to me. I doubt that I will ever quit trying to wake myself out of this state, to not do so would be abnormal I think.

After this feeling starts to subside I immediately start to float upward. When this first started to happen to me as a girl I used to pay close attention to my surroundings, notice every little detail of were things were placed, etc. and tell my mother in the morning. I used to look down on my body and think what a great dream I was having. I was so young, and after the initial scary part, the rest was just to facinating to be afraid anymore. My mother and family have been aware of these dreams since they began, and although it concerned my mom, she was always very curious to hear about them and I know she looked into dream centres and such….but nothing ever came of it. I include the information of my families knowledge of these dreams as assurance to you that if you ever cared to confirm my information….they know.

After the occurance of S/P happening to me while I was still wide awake (about 11 yrs. old) I indeed became frightened of the whole ordeal and really began fighting it. Not long after the waking incident, I remember one night just coming out of the S/P part of it and beginning to float, but in my mind telling myself I wasn’t going to do it, I did not want to do it, but as soon as my body started floating I panicked and decided to go with it. To this day, it felt almost as though I was being punished for my insubordination, because once out of the body…I could not open my eyes. I was floating around the bedroom and bumping into walls. I couldn’t tell after awhile if I were going up or down or back and forth, I was totally disorientated, and totally in terror. Needless to say I woke up in quite a state. That has never happened to me since.

In short, the S/P is a very disturbing, very undesirable, uncomfortable, unnatural feeling, one nobody would “want” to go through. I would do anything to never go through it again…even if it meant never floating again. It seems however that this is not to be, that this phenomena that has been with me most of my life will continue.

As for the OBE,

I must admit that is a different story. It is not scary, there is no physical uncomfort, no electrical shock feeling…just the feeling of rising from the body and floating.
As mentioned, at first I was very aware of things around me and myself on the bed…but not so much anymore. Its like I know where everything is and I am surrounded by the things I am surrounded by in my waking state…but I am no longer interested in it. Now, I am interested in just how much I can control. I don’t look at my body on the bed anymore, I don’t look at everything that is on my dresser or hanging in the closet….I just keep trying to see if I can at all control my movements. Sometimes, I am quite pleased with myself. As I said, I seem to have more control getting myself to go up and down….but when I try to get myself to…lets say….go clockwise around the room…I can do it but I always lose control of my speed and end up racing around out of control. Makes me damn mad. Sometimes even when I am attempting to control the up and down, I will come too far and end up back in my body and awake…that also frustrates me. I will leave my bedroom and roam around the house. I have been outside the home once…but I don’t like that and when I am going around the house…and come to the door, I quickly chicken out…I am afraid I will go to far and not be able to come back…to wake up, that I will get lost…or scared out there as it is always night and with the night comes the dark. I dont like being outside in the dark alone even when I am awake!

So, through the OBE I am lucid…no doubt about that, and anything I “see” does not appear hazy or disjointed or backward or anything like that….but it appears since I have realized lucidity, I just simply do not pay attention anymore to what is around me. However, this will be my next experiment, when the next OBE occurs, I will make a point of really looking at my surroundings. You mentioned NDE, and from what I have read on the subject….I feel that when I die this is what I will go through….I think that is what people who have been clinically pronounced dead…go through. Perhaps that is why death no longer really frightens me…not death itself….how I might die tends to scare me…but death itself does not. I suppose you may wonder what it is that I think is happening, how I might explain it to myself. Well, I can tell you that I don’t believe this has anything to do with “God” or “Satan”. I do believe in God….but I guess you woud say that I am not a “religious” person. I do not believe this has anything to do with aliens, like abduction, or contol for observation….I have read that people have attributed this to that cause.

I am not sure what I believe. I know that I am asleep when this occurs, I will not argue that…but that which floats around the house does not feel like a dream. It is a very real, very conscious, very aware happening. When I dream, I often realize I am dreaming, but just as quickly I am back dreaming again forgetting that I just realized I was dreaming….if that makes sence. I cannot hold lucidity while I dream. But throughout S/P and OBE I am lucid from beginning to end…explain that one to me.

Anyhow, I hope that this letter has been interesting if nothing else for you. It is tough to write about this as there is…so much, remember, this has been going on for 30 some years. It is not something I speak openly about with friends or colleauges, but has been something shared only with my family and my husband… I’m sure you can understand that. This is why I looked on the internet…first to see if anyone else spoke of it, and another to find out if there were any scientific experiments happening on the subject. I tell you true, if there were I truly feel I would be a most interesting candidate!

Regardless, I hope you will read this with an open mind. I am just an everyday normal middleclass person. My life is….normal…or as normal as a person can be in this day and age. There is nothing mysterious about me, I am not a fanatic of any kind…about anything…I am just a person who has had “these dreams” almost my whole entire life…I would love to understand it, know why it happens, but I see no answers forthcoming now or in the near future. So…I shall just keep on experimenting!


Many paranormal experiences

Hello everyone I have had several experiences , I believe my senses are heightend , I dream thing’s to come , my hearing is extrordinary , I will tell you all of thing’s which have happened to me , in hope’s that somewhere out there someone will conect . In this you will also learn a little about me.

When I was very small I new I was different at an early age ,the earliest I remeber is age 2 my memery is extremely clear. I watched people, searching for information, I knew what they were doing at times in there homes, what they were thinking about , what they were saying. I found that if I told them what I knew about them they were intrigued , as I grew up the intrigued became more the fearing, of me what I could see.
I wear sunglasses often so as not to scare people as much .Now that i’m older i’ve reduced the frequency of wearing them. I started passing out at an early age , then came loss of vision , I would litterally go blind.
I went through feeling sick , and week till I hit my 30’s. People drained me when I gave them information , now I recieve something , strength, more power ?

I have heard high pitch humming sound’s, ringing , sometimes smell something I can’t describe, the humming is not to be confused with the fact that I can hear the telephone lines, and also pic up conversation’s at times. I had dream’s at a very young age of thing’s children would never know , my upbringing was hidden to thing’s worldly , so it would’nt make sense that I saw any of these thing’s.

  1. age 5 Klamathfalls Oregon

    I believe wired or weird street sound’s like hired I went to bed , had just crawled on top of the bed was getting ready to get in , when there in my doorway I saw a girl she moved the door open more without moving her hand , the hallway light was on she had long blonde almost graying hair , she looked to be age 7 her cheek’s were drawn, eyes dark and hollowed some , she was angry , menacing ,I knew she definately wanted to harm me. I was trying to say mom , mom , but all I could get was a gasping mu mu she was very real almost alive.
    The moment she was gone I fled fast bounding through the door ,the hallway was long and thin ,across from my door was my parent’s bedroom, they would have had no time to fall asleep ,I collapsed at the edge of their bed, tugging at my mother’s arm frantically , I could not wake them.

  2. K-fall’s

    In regard’s to seeing thing’s a red light would pester me it was small , and moved with the rythm of a heart beat , once I ran from it at age 8 halfway falling and crawling down stair’s , when at the bottom hallway I gasped out dad ,it left.

  3. Dalles Oregon

    I was at a neighbor’s house right next to my house ,which we just started payment’s on to buy , age 19 ,I heard voices coming from my house of two lover’s giggling, talking, I could hear their bare feet ,I asked the neighbor if she could here them, she heard them clearly also, I said their in my house ,so we went outside I went through the front, she through the back, no one ,but I could sense the female , she lingered she wanted to show me something in a trance like state I picked up a chair and put in front of this tall old closet, got on the chair and on tip toe reached on top as far as I could , and found picture’s, needless to say she wanted to show me that my bo as she expressed sense wise was being unfaithful. In moving a couple week’s later due to the fact the house was moving off it’s foundation slowly but surely it would have been a bad buy, so I had a moving sale , on this day an older gentleman came up not to purchase anything but to tell me of the couple that lived in the house, the husband had passed on, and soon after the old woman passed on in her chair ,they had lived there all their lives ,and deeply loved each other.

  4. Neosho Mo.

    I had a dream , of a young man he was tall and had jagged teeth ,and I saw him be cruel to his lady & daughter in this dream he was extremely cruel I thought he was called santa claus ,well it turn’s out a few week’s later we meet this couple , and ran into them 2 times after.
    I felt uncomfortable,but it didn’t hit me until I saw his teeth ,they were shaped kind of jagged and weird, the topper was he said call me Halloween ,now how many people wnt to be called that , his real name was chris , he said like chris cringle he hehe.
    In week’s to come I was watching the new’s and the cop’s had surrounded this guy’s house , he had hurt his lady ,and had thrown knives out into the yard at the cop’s.

  5. K-falls age 9

    I was sitting o my bed and had a vision, I saw a man get out of a truck. He was the man I was to be with when I grew up, out of the other door of the truck my daugter age about 20 steped out.
    I am with this man still, and my daughter is the spitting image of the girl I saw.

  6. age 22

    I have been tested by this man I am with on an occasion I told him where he was what he looked like , who was with him ,described the house , driveway, even the odd shape of the ash tray in the living room, the fact that he was wearing a cowboy hat , which he would rather eat dirt than wear one again, haha. I was right I found out that he was one town away from where I was at this time.
    He is six year’s older than me , and we moved around each other at different times without meeting , then I saw him for a minute at age 13 in person.
    Circumstances of ages made it to where at that point I paid him no never mind. We met again when or ages were passable, and have been together for many year’s.


Out of Body Experience while in coma and a Near Dead Experience

My experience…

  • When I was in a coma for 2 1/2 day’s I guess, you call it obe , I saw the doctor’s and nurses, and everything going on. I even communicated with them. At times I was standing right by them , or hovering at times, also lying in the bed communicating, there was blackness at times in the next day 1/2.Time was different it seemed like everything was compacted into a very short time span ,although I was in the hospital a week.

My soul mate has had experiences that he’ll tell you, now , but i’m typing . Here goes

  • I had cancer, and was being operated on for the third time, when I died, when I died I saw myself being operated on, and what appeared to be bright light’s , many many color’s what I can describe as looking through water falling, like waterfalls rippling, in front of my face but not touching my body, not making me feel wet or uncomfortable in any way. I could not see what was on the other side of the ripples. Then total blackness, and waking up later after the operation in the hospital. I was dead for 12min, and 43 second’s they had already quit trying to revive me. The doctor said they had already pronounced me dead, and he was already taking his scrub’s off, when my heart started beating.
  • About 7 or 8 years later, I had an obe in the night, I was suspended up above the bed in a sitting position feet dangling as if I was on a bench, I could see my body and girlfriend. I was conversing with a man in a robe, he spoke to me, and said you have to quit doing the thing’s you are doing, or youre going to die, and he said it’s not youre time yet, go on back. That’s when I felt the heat of my body coming back, said night my girlfriend sayed she had felt my body in the night, and that it was ice cold .This was on a hot summer evening.
  • This one was not obe , I was up literally fast in the air ,then thrown down hard onto my norditrac, there was no feeling of being picked up by a person, it was quick. I thought for an instance that I was dying and imediately passed out right afterward. I awoke with alot of pain still thinking I was going to die. There was blood on my left side of my abdomon, and lower rib cage ,and all three of my dog’s were close to my body surrounding it, protecting me. I went to the hospital the next morning. I ended up having a fractured rib. We meening our family had thought we had ghost on our hand’s, but with my soul mate looking into it, she discovered one of us had seen someone when they were younger and sometimes alone at night feared the stranger they had once saw, and the fleeting memory became a whole in our family, because we are all so closely conected, we gave this boogy man life not real life but we all saw him and she believes we and our energy manifested , making it seem like this thing did deads that we ourselves made happen. I figure that with a ghost at some point you can communicate not one sided but ,the two of you conversing, this thing never had a real life it was our family venting energy into an idea, so we talked about it, and made it stop, not wanting to hurt one another. It vanished .

Died mother appeared


My husband Les’s mother died February 25, 2000, at eight-thirty in the morning. That night a plate with three angels painted on it fell off of the kitchen wall. The next night around nine o’clock I went into the bedroom to get ready for bed and saw that the picture of Jesus was hanging at an angle from the wall, being held only by a piece of Velcro at the bottom. I took a picture of it. I will attach it.

I don’t know the meaning behind this happening and at the time it scared me since Les was in Louisiana and I was alone. It could symbolize love or anger with his mother’s dying.

A week later I had a dream/vision where Les’s dad was sitting in an unpainted wooden lawn chair out in a meadow with a forest in the near distance. I have seen this location before in dreams and when out-of-body. Les and his older brother (who died before Les was born) stood in front of their dad. Their dad was looking at them and said, “My two sons.” This had me worried, because I thought maybe Les was going to die. The next day a voice came over the recorder and said, “Les is fine.”

Then Les’s mother appeared to me the following week and we were in a large room with many women. They were all in pastel dresses and Les’s mother was the only face I was able to see, all the other faces were hazy (this happens a lot with spirits in my dream/visions). She looked at me and said, “I would never have believed this before.” I think she meant that she would be with all of these people and could also visit me. She was a Catholic and she believed in going to purgatory.

Two weeks ago I was watching television during the night hours, from my bed, when I dozed off and was quickly woken with Les’s mom standing by my side. She was looking at Les and ask him, “Will she be going back?” I knew she meant would I be going back when my mother died. So I answered her in thought and told her I wouldn’t be going back to Pennsylvania, because of personal health problems. I didn’t go back to her funeral, now I wonder if her feelings would have been hurt if I’d gone back to my mother’s funeral? My mother died this past Tuesday June 6, 2000 and today is Sunday. I believe Les’s mother knew that my mother was coming over to the Otherside.

She wasn’t fully manifested, but yet was in clear form and she was standing within the night light (the light was on) on my bed stand. They can appear over or through anything, as though the tangible doesn’t exist for them. I only saw her from the waist up to her head. She appeared to be much younger than her 94 years, but still had gray hair. Actually she looked to be around seventy as when I first met her. The spirit relatives always appear younger and healthy. My dad appears with black hair rather than gray, he was 78 when he died, but didn’t start getting gray until after 60. I would say the older spirits usually appear twenty or more years younger.

Now I am waiting to hear from my mother in a dream/vision.

Jackie Colligan

Reïncarnation dream

You have my permission to post this. Enjoy! Ok, I once had this dream, which is strange because it told me of facts that I didn’t know were true before. I wrote it down as a poem and submited it for the school journal not long afterward. It goes like this:

Somewhere in France there was a museum,
And in that museum there was a wandering spirit,
A pale Ancient Egyptian soul of a young woman.

The soul was searching for her lover,
Her beloved Pharaoh,
Her hero.

“King Tutankhamen…” Her thoughts whispered,
Even though she was a gory looking soul.

She was once beautiful,
But now death had claimed nearly all of her flesh,
With the exception of her scalp,
Hidden beneath a pile of black locks.

She searched for her lover,
But instead found her daughter.

Before she picked up the corpse child,
She studied her for a short while.

The little girl had looked just like her mother,
With dark hair and a blue and white dress,
Until her own little untimely death.

At one point,
While the search went on,
The wandering spirit was in a room,
With a mirror covering one wall.

She looked in the mirror,
And saw herself,
Beautiful and alive,
Then watched it disintegrate into a hideous creature,
A woman with no flesh,
Covered with bloody muscles.

She continued her search,
And at another point she lost her daughter,
But still had the tiny legs.

She noticed an adult skeleton,
Who was playing with a little young one,
And at the same time,
She found her daughter,
And reattached the tiny legs.

Shortly after I had this dream, it found out that Tut really did have a Queen along with two stillborn children including a daughter. Before this, I had no such knowledge about the young pharah. I always had this strange feeling when I look at a picture of his mask. It’s like I must of known him in another life…



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