My own Out of the Body Experience


My Out of the Body Experience


hi, thats me

One of my experiences

About 15 jears ago I got a heavy accident. (Now 1998)
Doing some necessary repair work, someone suddenly yelled “watch out”. But almost at the same time, a heavy oak crossbeam felt on my head. The first thing was that I heard a immense humming sound, sounding like bees, but not around my head, but inside my head. It was a very irritating noise. Then I felt down on the floor and I know I was unconsciousness. I remember that I tought “How strange to know that”. The man who yelled, started to walk tough the phone and I followed him. So I walked after him, trough the corridor to the room where the phone stood. I heard every word he sayd, he was very short “Can you send a ambulance, something happened here at “address” with Denis”. Because the man of the ambulances who listened to the call and both the men who drive the ambulance knows me, no more explanations were given, also because the caller was upset with what just happened to me. He was afraid I was dead.

He only called about 10 to 15 seconds, because he said no more than these words. He put down the phone without any further explanation. Then something strange happened. He just lay down the phone, and I already heard the siren. That was almost impossible. I know that they have to come from about 3 km about (2 miles) far from there base. There was no time between the call and the siren, so I wander how this could happened so fast. Thinking on that I suddenly stood on the corner of the road, about 200 meters from where the accident took place and from the phone. But also that happened immediately as I thought on the siren. I also couldn’t have walk so far, because there was no time in between. I just suddenly stood there. I did also immediately see the ambulance coming from about 700 meters far. When they turned into the 200 meters long driveway, so they passed me, I saw them coming to me again, but now from the place where they should stop to enter inside where the accident took place. (looks like a movie made with two camera’s) Again this was strange because indeed again I had moved immediately from one point to another, without walking the 200 meters. I also couldn’t have walked faster then the ambulance who was driving at high speed.

When they stopped, I recognized them both, and I was standing at the door from the van. They jumped out of the van and I thought that they should come to me, because they know me, and because they know I got a accident. But no way, I even got to get out of the way, because they walked to close at my side. Even not knowing what was happening to me, a lot of things where at least very strange. They don’t even looked at me, and went inside immediately.

Then the only thing I then remember was that I just stood up from where I got unconscious. So they wanted to took me away on the brancard, but I was feeling well and refused to lay down on the brancard. They told me that it was a rule, but ok, they saw I was only bleeding very hard down my face, because of skinwounds, I could sit, while the other came to sit next to me, after washing some of the blood away, that was still flowing from the wounds. It was I wonder I survived the accident. The wooden pillar, must have hit me with a weight of several hundreds of pounds, because it weight about a 160 pounds and was falling from about 2 meter above my head.

Then of course, very busy with my mind, a bit upset , trying to solve the puzzle of what kind of strange things happened to me, and also thinking on the hospital where they drove me to, I still didn’t realize that I got a out of my body experience. But it came to my thought while driving and I was very sure of it.

First there was that sound, alright, maybe it was because of the accident.
I then walked immediately after the man to the phone, in that condition, and knowing I was unconscious! Just like it was the most normal thing in the world. (looks a bit like in the film “Ghost” where the man who just got killed, ran after his murderer, without looking back) So if a got a OBE, than I did not see my body, because I didn’t look at it, but because I immediately followed the caller.
The next strange thing was, that I heard the siren immediately after the very short call, what wasn’t possible because they had to travel a way before I could hear them.
When I wander how they could be there already in a short distance, I saw them immediately in front of the corner between the road and the long driveway, with was surrounded by bushes and trees. So I surely could not have seen them coming from the driveway, only if you stand on the end of the driveway. Even if the bushes and the trees weren’t there there were still
house along the street blocking the sight.
They would have stopped if they saw me.
They also wouldn’t go in, because I was in front of them when they get out the car.
Then I also remembered, I also jumped away for the man who called the ambulance, just like he did not saw me, and was going to walk through me. I am very sure they all didn’t saw me. The “walk trough” would also almost have happened when the men from ambulance got out of the car.
It was very clear they did not saw me, they also don’t even looked.
I got up from my unconsciousness when I thought back to where my body lies.

So, my conclusion is that I sure have got a Out of the body experience. Things were to strange, asking myself one question after another how these things could happened. There was also no “time in between” the happenings. I surely have not walked to the front of the street, because this would cost me also several minutes. I just thought it and there I stood.

Everything was really happening, it was very very real, not blurred, no hallucination, nothing. I also asked everything out to anybody about the things I saw and heard.

Something strange about time: Things were happening in real time, but they followed without “time in between”. I know I wrote things twice, but I want everybody to realize it very good. It was only when I was back into my body that I realized that I have got a OBE. Now I also can understand, why somebody who just died can think there still alive.

I want you to realize that everything was very real, including the feeling of my body, but without pain. I was feeling quit relax and peaceful to. No panic at all, just thinking that strange things happened all the time that I couldn’t explain. I am very sure that I got a OBE, even after those 15 years, but I still suffer from chronic pain in the neck. The insurance didn’t pay a dime, because it would go away and because I couldn’t prove the headache and the whiplash was because of the accident.

I even got sick for a whole year, and know that I am 41 I also almost lost my work because of it.

Because I also already was interested in the paranormal, and because of this experience, I was totally convinced, once more when I was reading books on OBE’s and I found out that most, first hear a irritable humming or ringing before the OBE. I have never ever in my life heard a sound like this very strange sound, that was inside and so real that I really almost got to
believe that there was rushing a swarm of bees in my head.

So, since then I joined a paranormal association, now I am leading one myself…
I have to make a very good complement to the maker of the film “Ghost” because with my experience and what I know now, I know he must have study the stuff really very good.

People who have any paranormal experiences can write me. If possible and if you agree with your confirmation, I will post your stories to my webside in your original writing, with or without name. You can also write me, if you wish not to post it on my website.


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