Real story – the ouija wrote on its own

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The planchette moving all alone!

You can believe this story or not. It is a true story – my word for it.
It’s a long time ago since we used the ouijaboard 2 times a week, almost for 10 years long. Now we use it only to free earthbound spirits and to make contact to loved people who suddently died, leaving a real hard situation for the living – like for someone who lost a child by accident. Other circomstances are situations of possession of when there seems to be a earthbound spirit in a house or with a person. We only talk to spirits know to lead them to the light by confronting them with other died friends who can convince him/her.

But once, only once, I will never forget. The ouijaboard was always using much energy of us. Me and my wife especially (she was more the medium) were always getting tired till she almost felt asleep end we got to stop. Once, when the board was spelling quickly and with much energy – everything was really going really hard – my wife got more and more problems to stay awake untill she fall asleep on the table. Her head rested on her arm, her eyes closed, she was really sleeping deeply. Then I saw something many won’t belief, maby I am the only one in the world who have seen this, but the planchette wroted forceful futher all alone. I was really difficult to keep notitions of the spelled letters by the speed. Without spaces or other signs, the text need to puzzelled out before you could understand it. So I noted for more then 10 minutes.

(EXAMPLE) ifiwoldleavethistxtwithoutspacerrothersinsandyougottoreadandwriefastyouwou dntknowwhatthemessgespelledeycactlydoyouunderstandwhatimeenthisisreal lydifficultuntillyougetthetimetoplacespacesandsigns…

and this for 1/2 a page, try it, it will work to understand but you will have problems to to puzzle out.

I wroted down the text as hard as I could, often missed a letter or wrote a letter close to the supposed one. The text was really meaningfull and was going about the meaning of our live. The writing suddently stopped when the message was completed.

But altrough I have seen many things happen after using the board, I have never, and never again seen a planchette writing completely on his own for 10 minutes. Oh, yes, I was fully awake. When the ouija stopped, my wife suddently wake up, asking me, what we got till now. She asked me, where this text came from, she didn’t know about. I told her, she was asleep and the planchette wrote alone. She couldn’t remember to fall asleep and didn’t understand nothing of it.
I got a half page of really meaningfull text after our own questions and answers whe got already.

I wish I could translate the Dutch text to place it here…Very unlucky I lost the text by a crash a my harddisk – years ago. I rescued a lot of text from others sessions, sessions that disclosed the possibility for the hypothesis of the “subconsiousness”. Like a ouija writing on his own, can’t be uncouncious moves of muscles, some messages proved themselves to be of the person in question. Other messages were lies, often it was a spirit presenting himself for the asked one. The ouijaboard has always worked significant with us and I don’t understand why so many people are having difficulties and only get some nonsensious letters; with are indeed uncounsious mussclemoves. Somethimes whe got this to. Whe called it “algebra”. We always stopped if it wasn’t working. We always started without questions. It always worked best where needed. I have never seen the ouija writing so forcefull and real fast (we couldn’t keep our hands on) when we got contact with a spirit who possessed a “schizofrenic” woman. After that, one of the voices was away. Another time a second voice was away. She didn’t hear the commanding voices anymore. From one voice whe could identify by historyfact the person who was possessing her together with some others. The third time we met a real agressive spirit who wouldn’t leave her. He told us he used her body because he wanted to live to. You must understand they live between two worlds. They haven’t gone to the light and stayed “out of the body”.

Of course seeing a ouija working on his own is my experience, you haven’t seen it. You can think what you want, but it convinced me absolutely. Don’t tell me story’s I was hallucinating or sleeping myself. It is happend like I have seen. You are also sure to read this text, I guess? This is one of the reasons why I know study the paranormal and why I have a organisation. Another story that convinced me, whas my out of the body experience that came with a accident. You can read the story at this website. My own OBE There is also further reading on Ouijaboards on this page and most of all on the member-area (button “leden”) of this site.


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